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How to tell if a man is trying to make you jealous?

How to tell if a man is trying to make you jealous?

People often find it easier to tell if a woman is playing games to make her partner jealous, but when it comes to men it can be more subtle and complicated.

However, today we bring you a list of signs to help you to be able to say whether a man is trying to make you jealous. 

6 signs a man is trying to make you jealous:

1. He flirts with other people in front of you:

If you want to know if a man is trying to make you jealous, the most obvious sign is when he flirts with other girls in front of you.

Yes, if a man flirts with a woman in your presence it may be because he’s trying to send you an indirect message. Well, clearly that’s not always the case. Most of the time when a man flirts with another woman it’s likely because he is interested in her.

Now if you see him flirt with multiple women in your presence, that can signal that he’s not interested in any of them and just trying to make it known to you that he’s desired by others. If he’s doing that it’s safe to assume that he probably wants to make you jealous. Perhaps the reason he is doing all this is to try and show you that if you don’t make an effort you will lose him to another girl soon. 

2. He is never free or available:

Guys are aware that receiving attention from other women is not enough to make their girlfriends or crush jealous. This is why a desperate man would resort to other techniques such as trying to make their girlfriend jealous by not allowing her to spend too much time with him. He will come up with excuses that seem genuine, which will redirect his girlfriend’s anger to another person or something else.

He might say that the place he works at is currently going through a difficult phase or that he has a friend that isn’t doing well and needs his support. These are things women will avoid arguing about because they don’t want to come off as rude or spoiled. So he will make excuses like this and find a way to restrict the time he spends with her.

However, if he never makes time for you then it can be a red flag. It probably means more than just trying to make you jealous. So consider that there’s a possibility that half the stories he told you were lies and start investigating from there if you noticed that your man is rarely available for you.

3. He boasts about his past relationships:

It is one thing to mention our past romantic relationships with our current partners once in a blue moon, but it’s another to let them know about the details of how things were going with our exes and how it felt. Someone who speaks so fondly of their romantic past or boasts about how a specific ex-partner felt about them or did so much for them is clearly trying to make someone jealous.

If, suddenly, the guy you are dating starts reminiscing about his past relationships in front of you very often then think about the reason why this is happening. If it’s not because he needs your emotional support to overcome a bad memory or trauma then why else is he so stuck up in the past?

If he’s boasting about his romantic conquests, then he is definitely trying to make you jealous. He could be trying to show you that he can easily get a woman to like him. If that’s how he made you feel, maybe you should help him get a taste of his own medicine and show him how you can get anyone’s attention too, if you wanted.

4. He exaggerates and makes up little stories about how desired he is:

We all love to receive good and harmless attention. It makes us feel seen, heard, and appreciate and it helps us find our self-worth. And your partner is no exception to that. However, if he is trying to make you feel jealous he will try to exaggerate how much female attention he is receiving when he is around you.

At first, it might look like he told you a true story about how someone complimented him when you weren’t around or how a woman tried to approach him. However, if such little stores become a recurrent thing, then it may be because most of them are exaggerated or made up. Let’s face it: even Brad Pitt or Leonardo di Caprio don’t get complimented by strangers about their looks every single day.

So if your partner is implying that this is something that is happening to him then he may be trying to make you feel jealous. Or, he could also be showing you that he doesn’t feel that you appreciate him or compliment him enough.

5. He doesn’t invite you to go out with his group of friends:

If your partner seems to be keeping you in a bubble, and allowing you to only share a part of his life with him then it’s a red flag. Normally, people take time to introduce their partners to friends and family. Sooner or later it is something that is expected and eventually happens. So if you’ve been with each other for a long time now and know all about his friends and family but still didn’t meet them in person then there could be more to it.

One of the things that your boyfriend might be trying to do by not including you in his group of friends is to make you jealous. This is only true if he uses his friends to let you know that he’s partying with them and having fun often but without including you or inviting you to join.

Perhaps he wants you to miss him more or wants to get a reaction out of you and for you to step your game up and tell him how much these things matter to you.

Some people like to be with partners that are a bit possessive and passionate because they think such behavior can be proof of love, so maybe your partner is doing this to shake you up a bit and get you to put your foot down. If this reaches a point where it becomes toxic, maybe it’s time to put the relationship in perspective.

6. He compares you to other women:

A romantic partner, in normal situations, would give you regular compliments about your looks and character. But if your partner is trying to make you jealous he will do the opposite.

One of the most common manifestations of this in men is when they are scrolling through social media near you and they share with you how much they love a certain attribute of a girl there. He could go as far as to compare you to other women in his life or celebrities. If a man does this freely it is a sign that he doesn’t respect his partner in the slightest.

However, the worst part about it is that you could get caught off-guard and not know how to react or deal with the fact that your partner is comparing you to others. Another way of doing this is if he gives someone a compliment about a physical trait that you clearly don’t have, in your presence. If your partner is acting this petty then it is time to have a serious conversation and put your foot down!

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