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How to tell if a guy likes you at work?

How to tell if a guy likes you at work?

We’ve all been there: you’re at work and you can’t help but notice that one guy who seems to be always around. You’re not sure if he’s into you, but you want to find out.

How can you tell if a guy likes you at work? Well, don’t worry, because we’re here to help. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to figure it out in no time. So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

How can you tell if someone likes you at work?

1- He wants to be alone with you:

While you are at work it’s normal to be surrounded by many people, so when a guy you work with tries to be alone with you, know that he went out of his way to make it happen.

If he asks just for your help to do something or to make an errand together, he is trying to get some alone time with you, so you can both get to know each other better.

2- He wants to show you that he can help solve problems:

We all face some problems at work now and then, and we think we are alone when it comes to solving them because our colleagues are likely busy with their own tasks.

So, if a guy at work sees that you need an extra hand and doesn’t hesitate in helping you, he probably likes you. He wants you to know that, despite having his tasks at hand, he is using some of his own time to help you because he cares.

3- He will try to be near you during group activities:

We subconsciously know that, by enhancing the level of proximity between us and someone else, we will easily create a bond. If a guy from work goes out of his way to sit next to you in group meetings or group projects, or at least be seated in your field of vision he is trying to become closer and familiar with you.

You will start getting used to his presence and hopefully associate it with good moments.

4- If you work in shifts, he will try to match his with yours:

If you have a male coworker in some of your shifts, and after a while, you noticed that he has changed his shifts to work during the same hours as you, he is trying to get an opportunity to show that he is interested in you.

He knows that only by being in your presence will he get to show what type of person he is and that he cares about you, hopefully making you notice it and develop an interest in him too.

After switching his shifts, if he still isn’t direct with you, maybe you could use it as an opportunity to make the first move. Or, you can check our article on how to push a reserved guy make the first move.

5- He shares your opinions regarding work:

If a guy at work likes you, he will try to do everything to seek your approval. One of those things is by agreeing with you as much as possible regarding difficult matters at work, to not make you feel that you are alone, and to motivate you to express your opinions. 

He knows that you would appreciate him being kind. In reality he might be very honest with you because he doesn’t want you to fall in love with a madeup version of himself or someone who doesn’t exist. However, he might also be fearful of negative reactions on your behalf if he disagrees with you at work, thus reducing your chances of being interested in him. 

6- He has your back during difficult moments:

As a working person, you probably learned to develop a thick skin to guard you against criticism that doesn’t help you improve your performance. However, it’s still nice to know that there’s always someone at work who will have your back during moments when you could have done things better.

If a guy at work defends you, even though you made a mistake, saying that there wasn’t much of a choice at the time, he is trying to make you feel better because he cares about you. He wants to show you that he is concerned about your well-being.

7- He tries to talk about things that aren’t related to work:

When a guy from work likes you, he will try to bring up topics that aren’t related to work, because he wants you to visualize your life besides the workplace.

He may start asking questions like how was your weekend, or what you like doing in your free time because he wants to know what kind of person you are, outside of work. He wants to find things that you might have in common, so he can get closer to you.

8- Your colleagues bring your attention to it:

It doesn’t become more obvious than when your other coworkers tell you that a guy you work with likes you. They might tell you this because they observed it and took their conclusions or he told them directly. If he did tell them, they are probably telling you now because they think you both need a little push to move forward into a potential relationship.

Your coworkers might bring the subject up more than once, and if so you should go talk to him and ask him out if you too are interested. However, it’s best if you omit the fact that you learned from other people that he likes you, to not embarrass him.

If you want to learn about more facts or signs that demonstrate that a coworker likes you then you can check this article out too.

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