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How to tell if a guarded man loves you?

How to tell if a guarded man loves you?

If you’re trying to figure out whether a guarded man has caught feelings for you, it can be tricky. He may be cautious and secretive about his feelings, especially at the start, and it can be difficult to know for sure what he’s thinking.

However, there are some signs you can look for that may indicate he’s started to develop strong feelings for you. So read on and find out how these signs can manifest themselves.

5 signs that a guarded man loves you:

1. He starts to open up more to you:

When a guarded man starts to fall for you, he may start to open up more and share personal details with you.

He tells you about his childhood, his hopes and dreams, and the things that make him happy and angry. He shares stories from his past and present, and he starts to confide in you about the things that are important to him.

He also starts to show his vulnerability with you, letting down his guard and revealing the parts of himself that he normally keeps hidden. As he opens up more and more, it becomes clear that he has fallen for you. If you have noticed this going on with a guarded man that you got close to then be careful not to shut him down again by being judgemental or critical when he’s at his weakest.

2. He becomes more protective of you:

Another way to tell whether a guarded man is catching feelings for you is if he becomes more protective of you and more concerned with your well-being. If you notice such a change, when he previously didn’t care or if he’s asking more questions regarding your daily routine and living conditions then it’s possible that he is interested in you romantically.

If that’s the case, he will want to make sure that you are always safe and comfortable, and he will go out of his way to ensure that you have what you need. When a guarded man falls for you, he starts becoming more protective of you. And, he may not say it outright, but he will definitely show it through his actions. He will care a lot about your comfort and well-being, and he will always be worried about your safety.

He will do everything he can to make sure that you are happy and safe, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. So, if you find that a guarded man is starting to act differently around you, it’s a good sign that he has feelings for you.

3. He cares a lot about your opinion of him:

A guarded man usually proves to have feelings for you when he starts caring about your opinion of him a lot. He wants to know what you think of him and whether or not you approve of him. This is one surefire way to tell if he truly cares about you.

When a guarded man falls for you, he will start making an effort to please you and win your approval. He will want to make sure that you are happy with him and that you feel the same way about him as he does about you.

A guarded man who has fallen for you will also start opening up to you, sharing his thoughts and feelings with you. Not only that but he will try and always put forward his best foot and be on his best behavior in your presence. This is because he will try to demonstrate how kind, polite, and caring he can be to push you to consider him a good catch.

Additionally, he will be more interested in spending time with you and in getting to know you better. If you notice these signs, then it is likely that a guarded man has fallen for you.

He will also start to care a lot about your opinion and what you think of him. He wants to make sure that you always see him in the best light possible, and he will work hard to impress you. Overall, a guarded man who has fallen for you will be someone who cares a great deal about your well-being and your opinion of him.

4. He will create excuses to spend more time together with you:

If you’re wondering whether a guarded man has fallen for you, another key sign to look for is that he starts becoming more interested in spending time with you. He may not always be available, but when he is, he wants to be with you. He enjoys your company and feels more relaxed around you than with other people.

A guarded man who has feelings for you cannot stay away from you, even if he himself is not sure why. Even before he can confirm his feelings and realize that he likes you a lot, both of you would’ve noticed how much he enjoys being in your presence. His face will lighten up and his mood and spirits will noticeably lift up when he’s around you. You may even notice that he has newfound humor as he may start to make jokes to make you laugh or tease you in a playful way every time he sees you.

This can only mean that he enjoys your company. He may be think of every excuse in the book just to buy more time with you, and even going out of his way to ensure you spend one extra hour or so with one another. Another key indicator that falls within the same category is that he feels very comfortable around you when he is probably not quick to trust people, in general.

5. He will close off again and shut down if he suspects that you like someone else:

A guarded man is often hard to read, but a final telltale sign that he may be falling for you is if he starts to shut down again when he suspects that you like someone else. A guarded man will usually keep himself at a distance if you try to make him jealous. He will not be interested in competing with other men for you as he already assumes and expects the worst. So he will never put himself willingly at risk of getting his heart broken.

In fact, a guarded man will usually try to keep his emotions in check, but if he begins to see you as a potential partner, he may start showing his vulnerable side. However, he can only truly see you as a potential partner if he can trust that you will not betray his trust or look elsewhere after he has given you his heart.

Finally, if he suddenly shuts down again or starts to close off, it’s likely that he’s not ready to fully let go of his guard just yet. And it could be because you foolishly tried to make him jealous or if he saw or heard something he doesn’t like. A man that doesn’t get jealous could be a telltale sign of other things that are going on, but if this is a guarded man you’re dealing with, then he’s probably just trying to protect his feelings and not get hurt.

A guarded man will test you before he makes anything possible, so make sure you don’t fail his test nor try to play games with him or make him jealous, as it will only backfire.

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