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How to tell if a first date went well = 5 rules!

How to tell if a first date went well = 5 rules!

The first date is always a little nerve-racking, but if you feel like it went well then there’s probably some truth to it. It is important to keep in mind that the first date is not a time for you to get too serious or ask too many questions.

If you get a grasp of what their priorities, values, and goals in life are then it is good enough. This way, you can see if they align with yours and add onto that whether or not there’s any physical attraction and you’re sorted!

The first date is a time to see if you get along if you click if you’re compatible and if you make each other feel excited about being there. So here are a few signs that your first date went great and that it’s not just a one-sided feeling:

A few signs that a first date went well:

1- You clicked and got along:

If the conversation flowed easily, and you were able to talk about anything and everything without feeling too much pressure, then it’s a good sign. If the date made you feel comfortable and safe, then it’s a second good sign. If they were very helpful, cared about your comfort, and asked to walk you to your car or uber, then it’s another good sign!

So in brief, if you clicked then that is the most common sign that tells you that the date went well. If you were able to get along with your date, then it means that there was some chemistry between you two and also that there’s mutual interest in each other to some extent.

You’re probably able to assess how well you got along, how easy it was to talk to one another, and how much you two laughed. If you are, then that alone can tell you how it all went.

Indeed, laughing during a first date is a clear sign that you’re open and ready to let that person in your life on a permanent regular basis. So how much did they laugh? Did they get all your jokes?

2- They sent you a “thank you” message:

If they text you back the same day after the date to check on you or ask how you’re doing, that’s a good sign that they’re interested in pursuing things further.

If they send you a thank you message for the first date, then chances are they’re definitely into you. Check out this article on what a thank you message after a first date is, to have an idea about what it looks like.

A thank you message will usually include a little question about what you thought about the date and whether or not you liked your date. If you’re interested you can take this chance and be playful or flirty to help the relationship to move to the next stage, which is regular dating!

Check this article out later on the different stages of a relationship starting from the talking stage and how to navigate it well.

3- All of your values, priorities, and ideas align:

This is a good sign that the date went well. If you are both on the same page and have similar values, it means you are compatible. You can figure this out by analyzing whether or not you argued, disagreed, or clashed at any point during the date.

When you are both on the same page, it means that you have similar interests, priorities, goals, and values. If you feel like all of these things align, then it is likely that the date went well. You might have shared similar interests and goals in life and felt comfortable enough to talk about them openly.

4- You can’t stop smiling when you think about the date:

A smile is the universal language of happiness. It is the universal reaction to good news and a sign of appreciation for something that has made someone feel good. Even when you’re alone, in private, and smile simply because you thought of someone or remembered something about them, it is still a good sign and an indication of how good that person makes you feel.

If your date is someone who already makes your world seem brighter, happier, and more exciting then chances are you will have a beautiful and long love story. That’s why if you can’t stop smiling when you think about your date, and if you later find out that your feelings are reciprocated by them then it’s definitely great news!

5- They mentioned your next date together or spoke of future plans:

If your date mentioned wanting to see you again or said something like “next time…” or “when I see you next…” then it’s a clear sign that they want to see you again. Even if they didn’t make precise plans about a time and place, the mere fact that they’re mentioning a future event or date that could be shared with you, means they’re implying wanting to see you again.

Mentioning the possibility of a future date always only means that they want to hint at the fact that they’d be happy to see you again and again. So if your date implied wanting to see you again in any way during your first date, then it means it couldn’t have gone any better!

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