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How to stop being a dry texter in 6 steps?

How to stop being a dry texter in 6 steps?

You may have realized that you are a dry texter when you have experienced misunderstandings over text. People might have thought that you were being rude in your texts when you didn’t mean to. Or, you may just have come across like you don’t care about them and their feelings.

If any of this ever happened to you, then it could be because you’re a dry texter. That’s why this article today, will help you stop being a dry texter and it will make others see that you can be kind, caring, and thoughtful by text too.

Easy steps to stop being a dry texter:

1. Don’t wait too long before you reply:

The moment a person we are texting takes hours, more than five hours, for example, to reply we immediately feel like they don’t care much about what we have to say. We might even start overthinking about different scenarios as to how they’re a fake friend or someone who’s just leading us on. This is obviously extreme and very unhealthy.

If you are one of the people who take too long to reply, you should consider that people have different personalities. Some will not have all day to wait for you to give them a reply. They clearly texted because they want an answer so it’s better you give it to them, once you see the text. If you were busy and happen to see the text hours later anyway, then have the politeness to write a quick word to justify the delay.

This won’t always work so don’t make a habit out of replying later, as you can only make so many excuses. One way or another we all have received a text notification, read the preview without opening it and only reply later because we thought it wasn’t important. And, it’s exactly because everyone does that that it can’t always be used as an excuse.

If you are indeed busy at the time you receive a text but you saw it, then send a quick reply telling the other person what’s holding you from replying properly. You can even go the extra mile by promising to reply properly as soon as you can. It’s better to indicate a time frame for the other person than just leaving them hanging, in the dark for hours. 

2. Use emojis to convey your emotions better:

One of the things that makes you look like a dry texter is that your texts look too formal. However, that’s normal given the fact that you can’t use your voice to add a friendly intonation or facial expressions to indicate your mood during the conversation. The good thing is that you have emojis on your side. 

If you have been avoiding using emojis because you thought they made you sound childish, maybe it’s time to change your view on this. There’s no reason to avoid using colorful emojis in your text when you are chatting with someone outside of a formal environment.

They could also make you appear more interested in the conversation and more available to chat for a longer time.

3. Use more than just one word in your replies:

Often replying with words like “yeah”, “no” or “thanks” not only makes you look like a dry text, it also makes you sound rude, and if sounding rude was not your intention, you need to correct this habit immediately. 

Yes, we are all busy, and sometimes we are texting on our way somewhere and we might get cut off because we ran into someone we know or simply arrived at our destination, etc. However, putting effort into our texts will show the other person that we care about them.

Ending a conversation with a four-word sentence is enough to avoid sounding rude and the other person will have a clear idea of how you see them.

4. You should be the one to text first:

The main goal behind stopping to be a dry texter is to show the person we are chatting with that we aren’t too focused on our own life not to be able to give them attention. If you always wait for them to text you first, the other person may start thinking that, if they don’t initiate a conversation, you would never be interested in speaking with them. 

Instead, when you see that you have some free time, you should use that opportunity to grab your phone and text the person you have been thinking about. It doesn’t have to be a long and serious text, it just has to be something that will spark the interest in participating in a conversation.

5. Ask questions and give your opinions:

If you are a dry texter, you probably don’t ask questions to learn about the other person’s life that often. So, that’s exactly what you should do. A simple “How have you been?” immediately makes the other person think that you care about their well-being. Don’t hesitate to keep asking more questions, if they give you well-thought answers.

In case you don’t have more questions to ask, you could always raise a subject as the topic for the conversation and ask them about their opinion on it. They will feel delighted because you allowed them to express themselves about a certain topic.

You can later check this article out on some deep questions to ask a close friend or a romantic interest in your life. Or check this article on how to never run out of things to say.

6. Send memes:

Sending memes can be a great way to start a conversation. It could be that it’s just funny, or it’s sarcastic and it makes people instantly want to reply with their opinion.

It also shows that you have a sense of humor. Many people feel like they can talk about a variety of things with people who have a bigger sense of humor because they don’t get offended easily and can often crack a joke in moments of tension.

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