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How to respond to a “Happy Valentine’s day”?

How to respond to a “Happy Valentine’s day”?

By responding to a “Happy Valentine’s day” you will be seen as thoughtful and have an opportunity to tell that person how much you love them too. Or, at least if that’s too forward you can tell them how much you appreciate having them in your life and contribute to spreading positivity and love on such an amazing day.

However, not all Valentine’s day messages are the same, therefore, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all reply that you can send to every single person that sends you wishes on such a day. So read on and find out how to react and respond to different Valentine’s day messages, depending on who it is that sent you the text and what it is that you want from them. 

4 Different responses to a happy valentine’s text, based on who sent it to you:

1. If the text came from someone you have a crush on:

When we imagine receiving a “Happy Valentine’s day” we immediately pick the ideal person we will receive it from. Nothing compares to when you receive such a text from the person you have been crushing on. That’s because it makes you feel that they finally noticed you and see you the same way you see them. Plus, it’s a text about the universal day of love of romance so it could come across as a flirtatious message almost!

So, when you receive a “Happy Valentine’s day” from your crush you will have to be very clear that you appreciated and loved their gesture. Not only that, this is your chance to engage in deeper conversation with your crush about matters such as their love life, relationship status, etc.

Now you know that they care enough for you to wish you a happy Valentine’s day, and they are probably eager to take the next step and make a move on you. You don’t need to have a serious conversation, be playful and ask them about what makes them tick or their ideal type of partner in a flirtatious way so you can explore a potential relationship between you.

2. If it came from someone you just consider a friend:

Unfortunately, we aren’t always synchronized with each other, and more often than not it happens that a person is interested in you and you only like them as a friend. Maybe you never considered that person in a romantic way or envisaged a relationship with them. And, it can be awkward to receive a message wishing you a happy Valentine’s day from them, especially if you want to continue to be friends.

However, talking about it directly with them is better than avoiding the issue. It will be hard for them, but it will help your friend move on faster and still be on good terms. So wish them a happy valentine’s day too and tell them that you already have your eye on someone or that you’re not looking for a romantic relationship any time soon. If they hear that your heart is set on someone else or that you intend to spend this valentine’s day single and the next one too probably, they’ll hopefully lose interest.

Of course, friends can wish each other a happy Valentine’s day without having second intentions. They love being your friend and are grateful for having you in their life. So maybe they just wanted to tell you that on a meaningful day. If you don’t see each other every day this can be a good excuse to catch up by asking them about how things are going.

Since it’s Valentine’s day, you can ask how your friend’s love life is going whether they are in a relationship or not and, should they ask, you can fill them in about yours as well.

3. If you are already in a relationship:

If you are in a relationship it’s normal to receive a romantic gesture from your partner and have them wish you a happy Valentine’s day. However, just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean other people cannot wish you a happy valentine’s day. In fact, wishing you a happy valentine’s day automatically means in this case that they’re wishing your partner a pleasant day too and your couple’s happiness.

Of course, this is not ideal when you are in a relationship, since it can drive a wedge in your relationship. Or it can be misinterpreted by your partner if it comes from someone that they perceive as a rival. However, don’t worry you can explain to your partner that valentine’s day wishes are usually for couples. So whoever is wishing you a happy valentine’s day clearly approves of your current relationship status and couple.

If you want, you can still have a conversation with the person who sent you that message to find out what their intentions are and kindly remind them that you and your partner are indeed having an amazing valentine’s day. And if turns out that they are interested in you romantically tell them that you wish nothing but the best for them with someone else because you are happy in your current relationship.

If you and your partner practice honesty with each other as much as possible, this is something that won’t affect your couple in the slightest. 

4. If you received it from a family member:

Yes, we associate Valentine’s day with romantic love. We imagine receiving gifts from our romantic partners or from the person we have a crush on. However, even though Valentine’s day was initially solely about romantic love, it has broadened its specter and includes other types of love.

Having said that, it has become increasingly normal for friends and close family members to send small gifts or loving messages on this day to each other. These small acts of love can also boost your confidence and remind you that you’re loved; if you are feeling particularly lonely on Valentine’s day.

Because of this new-found meaning for Valentine’s day, you will likely receive a Valentine’s day message or gift from at least one of your family members on that day. Should you receive a “Happy Valentine’s day” from a family member make sure you tell them how much you appreciate their love and it would be great if you could send a thoughtful message back to them too.

If they also got you a gift and you feel like you should give them something in return don’t hesitate to do so, even if you are late and can only give it after Valentine’s day. Who cares! What matters is to spread the love at any chance you can, all year round!

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