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How to respond to a good morning text?

How to respond to a good morning text?

Getting a good morning text from the person you like or your partner is a great way to start the day. It doesn’t matter if you get that good morning text every day, it makes your heart flutter every time. It’s a lovely thing to do, but after a while, you don’t know how to respond to make the other person feel just as loved and special. 

Well, you’re in luck! Today we will show you how to respond to a good morning text in 5 sweet different ways. The people who always send us good morning texts deserve to feel as good as they make us feel. So, it’s very important to give a nice response in return. 

5 Sweet ways to respond to a good morning text:

1- “You already made my day! Good morning to you too.”

A good morning text means a lot when it comes from your crush or the person you’re dating. It’s so good to know we’re on someone’s mind right from the beginning of the day. The fact that they texted you right after starting their day means a lot, so make sure to let them know. This response will help you do that!

You’re letting them know just how special this simple text is to you, the impact it has on your mood, and how good it made you feel. Also, it’s important to wish them a good morning too; they deserve it. At the same time, you’re letting them know that you appreciate the good morning text so they’ll be motivated to keep doing it because it makes you happy. 

2- “Now it is a good morning! I hope you have a great day.”

When you want to sweeten someone up and make them feel good, you have to let them know the kind of effect they have on you. This is ridiculously flattering and it will give their ego a little boost, which is something we all enjoy a lot. This kind of response to a good morning text does that very well. 

It suggests that it was an okay morning or not a good morning at all until you heard from this person. That small gesture from them made a difference in your life, which means that they are important to you. If that’s not sweet, then we don’t know what is. 

3- “Good morning, I can’t wait to see you later today!”

If you have a date or any kind of plan with this person later in the day, this kind of response to a good morning text will make them feel great. You’re letting them know the plans you made together matter a lot, so much that it’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up. 

You’re also letting them know that seeing them is the one thing you’re looking forward to above all else. It will make them feel important and special, which they are! It’s a simple but sweet text that will set the tone for the rest of the conversation until you see each other in person. 

4- “What a nice way to start my day! Good morning, beautiful/handsome.”

You love or like this person so much that a simple good morning text from them can set the tone for the rest of your day. That’s what you will be communicating with this kind of response. Isn’t it sweet? It will make their heart flutter a bit and also help them kick-start the day on the right foot. 

Plus, you’re also complimenting them directly, which is always welcome. We all like to be called beautiful or handsome. Alternatively, you can use a cute nickname if you have one or call them “love”, “honey”, “babe”, etc. Use whatever adjective you think they would like best to make them feel extra special. 

5- “I love waking up to your good morning text!”

The little things we do for the people we love matter a lot, so it’s important to let your crush or partner know how much you appreciate the little things they do. Good morning texts may not seem like a big deal, but if they make a difference in your day, let your partner know. 

This response to a good morning text will let your partner know that they are appreciated and they are loved. They matter and they make a positive difference in your life. It’s a simple yet powerful way to respond to someone you care a lot about. 


The way you respond to a good morning text communicates a lot to your crush or partner. So make sure your response is as sweet as they are to you so you can make them feel great!

If this person also spoils you and calls you “beautiful” or “pretty” all the time, but you have nothing to say in return then check this article for the perfect response!

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