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How to respond to a dry text?

How to respond to a dry text?

When you’re interested in someone and you’re getting to know each other, the initial text conversations are a big deal. They’re supposed to be fun and exciting even when you’re talking about the most mundane things. However, what happens when they are dry texters?

Dry texters are the kind of people who don’t offer much information in their replies. They often give one-word answers and they don’t appear to be super enthusiastic about the conversation. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested. 

Many dry texters are just shy or reserved people. If you need help, today we will show you how to respond to a dry text in 5 different ways and move the conversation along. 

5 Ways to respond to a dry text:

1- Ask more open-ended questions:

Some people truly hate making small talk, so they may respond with dry texts. For example, asking “What are you up to?” is kind of boring and though other people might roll with that, dry texters will only give you a “Not much” at best. If you want to elicit more of a response, ask better questions. 

For example, instead of saying “Morning! How are you?” say something like “Morning! What are you most excited about today?” It’s a great way to kick-start the conversation. They’ll be pleasantly surprised and you’ll help them get into the kind of headspace where they’ll think about their day in a positive light and be more open to sharing with you. 

2- Refer back to something they’ve told you before:

Circling back to something they have told you before is a great way to make them talk about a topic of their interest and get out of the dry texts. If you’ve been paying attention to the things they say, you can come up with something they’ve mentioned before. 

Then, you can look for a funny meme, an article, a video, or even a TikTok that relates to the thing they said before. This way you can hit them with a message that says “We talked about this the other day and today I saw this!

Check it out. What do you think?” This is a great way to get them talking and it will also make them feel seen and heard. 

3- Ask silly questions from time to time:

Silly questions are a great way to bring a little fun into your conversations. If the texts are getting a little dry, hit them with a funny “would you rather” question. It’s a great way to make them laugh and you can bet they’ll have a funny answer. Additionally, you’ll also be able to connect because they’ll ask you something too and you’ll learn something new about each other. 

Make the question as deep or silly as you’d like, the sky is the limit. Just make sure it’s something random that they wouldn’t see it coming. Be mindful of your timing when you do this, though.

For example, if they started sending you dry texts because they didn’t like something you said, make sure to address the issue first. The mood should be right from the goofiness, otherwise, it won’t work. 

4- Inquire about their hobbies:

If you’re aware of the hobbies they like to engage in, asking about it is a great way to get out of a dry text rut. We love our hobbies, so we love talking about them. This is a great way not only to get someone talking but also to get to know them a bit more. 

If this person loves playing video games, ask them about the game they’re playing. If they love going to the gym, ask about how it went today.

If they enjoy cooking, ask about the last recipe they made. If they’re a bookworm, ask about what they’re currently reading. 

5- Bond over movies, music, and TV shows:

When a passion for movies, music, or TV shows is one of the things you have in common, bonding over them can help you get out of dry texting. For example, if you both like a singer or band, ask them about their favorite tracks in a specific album. 

If you both love movies, ask if they’ve seen one of your favorite movies of all time and get them to tell you what they think about it.

The same can be done with TV shows and even podcasts, books, etc. It’s very easy to bond over the thing you like to consume. 


When someone is a dry texter, whether that’s because they don’t like texting that much or they’re still trying to gauge whether there’s potential for a relationship, it can be difficult to get them talking.

Try these 5 tips and you’ll always be able to have better conversations. In the end, what’s worse than a dry texter? 

Maybe the only possible answer is someone who keeps asking “what you’re up to”. Read this article and you’ll know how to deal with one of these people too; if you have one in your life or met a few before and didn;t know how to act. However, if you’re a dry texter yourself then check this article out instead on how to stop being one!

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