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How to recognize a few unconscious love signals?

How to recognize a few unconscious love signals?

We are constantly sending out non-verbal signals to the people around us, about how we feel, what we think and our intentions and we don’t even realize it.

Some of these signals are unintentional and some others are conscious. But no matter what, If we learn to read body language and non-verbal clues then we can start understanding the people around us on a different deeper level.

So what are a few unconscious love signals or little non-verbal indicators that can help you measure how much a person loves and care about you?

Today, we will tell you about a few that you can start looking out for when talking to your crush to see if they have any hidden feelings for you. Or, you can try and look for them in your partner to see if they unconsciously drop a few love signals because of how deeply and genuinely they are in love with you.

A few unconscious love signals to pick up on:

1- Playing with their hair, while maintaining eye contact:

When someone is into you, they typically engage in a few behaviors that are unconscious, when talking to you or addressing you. For instance, playing with their hair while looking in your eyes and listening to what you’re saying can be a sign that they are interested in you.

Yes, it’s not a sure-fire way to know if they are actually in love with you or not. The person may be nervous and playing with their hair as an outlet for their surplus of energy or to keep their hands busy and engaged. It could also just be an automatic response to anxiety. But, if they look relaxed, attentive, and play with or touch their hair while looking at you with a smirk, then chances are they have some undeniable romantic feelings for you.

2- Looking at your lips, when you’re talking:

It is a common misconception that people think the reason anyone looks at your lips when you are talking is that they’re trying to read your lips.

In reality, it’s a bit abnormal for a person that is not deaf and is in close proximity to your face; to still choose to give a few glances or long stares to your lips, while you’re talking. This may be an unconscious response to the fact that they think you’ve got sensual or attractive lips.

Looking at your lips when you’re talking can be a sign of attraction. It is a subconscious way to assess if the person is someone that they are interested in and even to be able to tell how that person is feeling. The lips are one of the most expressive parts of the face, and they usually reveal what we feel inside.

When someone’s lips are turned up, it means they’re smiling because they’re happy and enjoying themselves. When someone keeps biting their lips or wetting them, it may be because they’re nervous, stressed, or attracted to their interlocutor.

3- Invading your personal space unconsciously:

There are many ways in which people might invade your personal space unintentionally. They may get too close when they’re talking to you, invade your conversation with their own opinions, or make you feel uncomfortable by invading your physical space.

However, someone who’s not debating, disagreeing, or arguing with you has no reason to get so close to you physically when talking. In fact, there’s one possibility maybe they unconsciously like to be so close to you to see all the details of your physique because they like you that much.

What invasion of personal space means in brief is the act of someone entering your physical space when they have no reason to, by getting too close to you. This can be deliberate to intimidate you or for any other reason but it can be an unintentional act too. When done unintentionally, in the middle of a normal conversation then you have to wonder about the other person’s unconscious motives.

4- Unconsciously saying I love you:

We always hear that if we are in a relationship with someone, we should be careful about saying “I love you” without meaning it. It can cause some confusion and hurt feelings. We all have our own ways of saying I love you, and our unique love language. Check out this article on what to do if your partner refuses to speak your love language.

So when your partner unconsciously says “I love you” in the heat of the moment when getting physical, it may just mean that they appreciate the sensations you’re giving them. But when it’s a sweet, emotional, affectionate moment rather than sexual and they say “I love you” then it may signal that they’re genuinely in love with you.

5- Laughing at all your jokes and bad humor:

It is a positive sign that someone is laughing at your jokes because laughter indicates that they are enjoying what you have to say. If they laugh when you make a joke, it means that they find it funny and are probably interested in what you have to say. Laughing also helps to break the ice and creates a sense of trust and appreciation between two people.

There are many reasons why a person will be laughing at all your jokes. They may be laughing because they appreciate your sense of humor, they may be laughing because they want to be in your good books, or they may just be laughing because they like you.

If they’re laughing at all your jokes and seem to be genuinely amused by them, more than others; then chances are that they’re into you!

6- They are mirroring your every move, unconsciously:

A person’s body language can give away their feelings for another person without them even knowing it. A lot of the time, people will subconsciously mimic the other person’s movements and gestures, if they secretly find that person fascinating.

If they are mirroring your every move, then they are probably really into you!

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