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How to manifest someone to miss you in 5 steps?

How to manifest someone to miss you in 5 steps?

When it comes to manifestation, many people make a basic mistake. Instead of focusing on what they want, they focus on what they don’t want. They panic and cannot help but think about the worst possible outcome that could happen and how it would make them feel. The issue with that is that it makes you surround yourself with negative cycle, which is not at all what you need when you’re manifesting. 

If you have feelings for someone very special and you want them to miss you when you’re not there, manifesting can help you do that. However, you can’t focus on thinking about how they probably don’t care for you and how little they ask about you or negative things like this. If you convince yourself that the perosn is not worthy or that they will never change their ways, then it’s already a lost cause.

Granted, manifestation is quite the art and it takes a little practice. It also requires you to believe in the power of energy and the law of attraction and also your capacity to channel it. The best thing you can do is follow a few simple but effective tips. That’s why today we bring you a quick guide on how to manifest someone to miss you in 5 easy steps. So let’s get started!

5 Steps to manifest someone to miss you:

1. Be specific about how you want to be missed:

The first step in manifestation is describing exactly what you want in as much detail as possible. In this case, you need to be specific about how you want to be missed by this person; is it in romantic way or is it more friendship oriented? Doing this will help you put yourself in a similar situation or position and so you can attract it into reality. 

The best way to do this is to write your description down. Write the name of the person and then go into detail about how you want them to miss you. Especially how they’d be feeling and what they will do about those feelings. The more detailed you are, the better you can align with the vibrations of your desire. 

2. Be clear about why you want to be missed:

Understanding why you want what you’re manifesting is key to the process. Remember, your energy is what creates your reality because your feelings, thoughts, and emotions all have vibrations. To attract what you want, you need to align with it at an energetic and vibrational level. 

So, what are your intentions here? Why do you want this person to miss you? How do you feel when you’re missed by them? Is it a positive or negative feeling? Be very honest with yourself here because answering these questions will tell you whether your energy around this is positive or not. 

For example, if you want them to miss you out of fear of being alone, the results will be negative because the energy is negative. However, if it’s out of love or passion, the results will be positive because the energy of your desire is positive. You attract what you feel!

3. Time to visualize:

Now that you know exactly what you want and why you want it, you need to visualize the person already missing you. Visualization is the best way to truly and deeply feel what you want to attract, so put your imagination to use. Picture them missing you and doing the things you want them to do about it like calling or texting you or asking you out more often. 

Make your visualization as detailed and specific as possible. Also, make sure it’s realistic and that you’re focused on positive intentions. Imagine how much they will want to be with you and all the happy memories they think of when they’re missing you. Picture them feeling excited about reaching out and spending time with you again.

4. Use affirmations:

This step is all about reciting affirmations so you can fill your mind with positive thoughts and energy. Combating negative thoughts is a very important part of the process and affirmations help a lot with that. Now, these statements are personal and they should resonate with you. 

You need to make simple affirmations that you can connect with and truly believe. We suggest making a list and then picking a few so you can recite them every morning and every night before going to bed. This will help you raise your vibrations and attract positive things.

5. Align your body language and mindset with your manifestation efforts:

This is one of the most important steps in manifesting something especially when our wishes include other people. If you’re trying to manifest or get something from someone and not just bring more happinnes or wealth onto your own future, then this step will be needed.

That’s because when your manifestation only affect you individually, other people won’t matter much and you would only have to work on your mindset and affirmations. However, when the object of your desires and wishes lays in the hands of another human being then you’ll most definitely have to align your body language, actions and how you treat that person all with what you’re trying to get.

This means that if you want someone to start missing you; then you’ll also have to start developing the type of relationship with them that will encourage them to do so, in real life. If they’re only an acquaintance you’ll have to make an effort to become closer friends or more.

Also, your mindset and body language should start giving them hints about your intentions to make the scenario you’re hoping for cross their mind. This alone can help your manifestation a lot as they will start to visialise what it would feel like to be with you and they’ll luckily miss you or wonder what it would feel like to be that close to you, at least.

One way to do this is that you should put yourself in a situation where you start acting at times as if that person already likes you enough to miss you. This will help your manifestation wishes come to life earlier. So you can start with little gestures that may seem weird to them at first, but will slowly become normal over time as they start to get used to your presence and come closer to you.

For instance, if you’re close enough to them you can pick up their favorite drink in the morning from the closest coffee shop and offer it to them when you see them. Slowly starting to act like the two of you already have the type of relationship you’re wishing for, but without making things too cringy, can help things progress faster. It can even move the relationship to the next level in no time if done properly.

6. Let it go:

The last step in the manifestation process is to just let go of the outcome. You’ve done the work, now it’s time to just let things come true for you. Don’t overthink or worry too much about the results you want. Obsessing over results means that you don’t trust they will happen. 

Doubt will lower your vibrations and make you focus on negative energy. Believe in the universe and just be patient. More importantly, stay open to endless possibilities and why not even keep a manifestation journal

Holding onto just one outcome will obstruct your manifestation and also keep you from receiving all kinds of opportunities and experiences that could be just as good if not better for you than this one wish you have. So, just let go and see what happens.

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