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How to make your crush Jealous?

How to make your crush Jealous?

Crushes are the best, aren’t they? They’re exciting and a lot of fun, especially because it’s encouraged to play a little. You have a crush, not a relationship, so a little strategy and games should be perfectly fine. The thing about crushes is that there’s a window to act on them. If you wait too long, you might miss the opportunity to see if the crush can become something more. 

Now, there are many ways to get your crush’s attention and get them to notice or remember how cool, beautiful, smart, and fun you are. Making your crush jealous is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it works well. 

You just have to be smart about it! For example, if you take it too far, your crush may think that you’re a weirdo or a creep. If you don’t show your feelings early enough, they will probably think that you’re just an attention-seeker. To avoid these risks, here are a few tips you should consider!

7 Tips to Make Your Crush Jealous:

1. Be flirtatious with others:

Flirting is a lot of fun and it’s super effective. You might think it could be counterintuitive to flirt with others, but it will make your crush spring into action really fast if they reciprocate your feelings. Remember, you’re not dating yet, so flirting with other people is not out of question. 

Keep it light and cheeky, though, don’t be too forward or too serious about it. For example, if you’re getting a coffee with your crush, compliment the barista in front of them. If they introduce you to one of their friends, buy them a drink with a little smirk that is meant to sem a lot of doubt in your crush’s mind. 

2. Don’t be too available:

Acting like a cool cat is a good way to make your crush a little jealous and work a little harder for your attention. For instance, don’t reply to their messages instantly, don’t invite them to lunch every time, don’t try to find excuses to always be around them, etc. Just play it cool but still give them just enough attention to keep them wanting more. 

3. Talk about the dates you’ve had:

Casually talking about recent dates you’ve had in front of your crush will help you create the idea of demand and competition. Though they may feel a bit deflated at first, it will help them realize that they need to make a move. You’re single and other people are interested in you, are they willing to risk losing you to someone who showed up last minute? 

Mind the way you talk about your dates, though. Don’t make it seem like you’re interested in going on more dates with someone specific. This may mean that you’re off the market already or about to be it. Quite the contrary, make a point to say that even though you had fun, you’re not sure any of the people you met are ideal for you, so you’re keeping your options open. 

4. Pique your crush’s interest with social media posts:

If you want to get your crush’s attention, posting good pictures on social media is a great way to remind them how stunning you are. Whenever you’re feeling yourself, post a little thirst trap on your Instagram stories or a cheeky dance on Tiktok. Keep it playful but classy, and bring attention to your best attributes. Your crush will see your post and react to it or even reach out, trust us. 

5. Post photos with other people:

When you post photos with other people and you’re ambiguous about the kind of relationship you have, your crush will fill in the blanks and become very suspicious or jealous. 

It should be a genuine photo of you having fun and enjoying yourself with someone else, preferably a good friend. This is a subtle way to remind your crush that people are interested in you and it will make them feel like they’re losing their chance, so they will spring into action. 

6. Look your best when they’re around:

If you know your crush is going to be there, try and look your absolute best. This will get the attention not only of your crush but also of other people. You will get compliments and others will look you up and down, which is what will make your crush jealous enough to maybe mark their territory, so to speak. 

7. Show them your fun side:

Showing your crush how fun you are and how much you enjoy yourself whether they’re there or not is very important. When they’re present, they will gravitate towards you and join you in having a good time. 

When they’re not present, their friends, colleagues, or classmates will talk about you and how much fun they had with you. That alone can make them a tad jealous or feel like they’re missing out by not being with you. So it will also make them a lot more interested in spending more time with you. 


Making your crush jealous will probably get them to react in some way, and that should mean that they’re also interested in you. In this case, you should make a move, or inspire them to make a move themselves. Either way, you’ll have results!

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