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How to make someone obsessed with you in 6 steps?

How to make someone obsessed with you in 6 steps?

There’s no denying that making someone obsessed with you can be flattering and ego-boosting. It can also be reassuring and powerful.

However, it’s important to realize that when we say “obsessed,” we’re talking about the kind of healthy, supportive obsession that leads to long-term relationships built on love and trust. We’re not talking about the kind of all-consuming, unhealthy obsession that can quickly turn from flattering to stifling. The kind of obsession that leads to control, jealousy, and resentment.

So are you prepared to be the object of someone’s healthy and happy obsession? Are you prepared to reciprocate their feelings, be loyal and never betray their trust? If yes, then proceed to read the steps below on how to do just that!

How to make someone obsessed with you?

1. Make them feel like they are the center of your world:

When you show someone that they can grab your full attention, it will only fuel their interest in you. They will see you as someone who can make them feel important and interesting to be around. If you are in a group of people you can show that they are the person that matters the most to you by giving them the attention that no one else is giving them. 

By acting this way, that person will see you as the first person to seek when they have something to share or need help with something. You will be the first person they think of in almost every situation.

Not only that, they will find excuses to be around you, because of the way you make them feel.

2. Make them feel heard:

Nowadays, everything moves quickly, and that has affected our ability to have the patience to sit and listen to someone. You can make someone feel heard by not interrupting them or making them feel like you’re in a rush or want to cut to the chase. This will make it possible for the conversations to be more interesting and to last longer. 

That person will feel more comfortable discussing topics that they didn’t feel like discussing with anyone else.

They will become obsessed with you because as soon as they have something to talk about, they will be desperately waiting for the time to be with you. Only then they will have long and deep conversations where they can take the time to express their feelings without judgment.

3. Make them feel special:

Don’t you feel great when someone says that you’re special to them? It can make you feel like that person will go out of their way and do anything to see a smile on your face. It certainly makes you feel cared for, loved, and most of all, appreciated.

If you want someone to become obsessed with you, that’s what you will have to do. Don’t mistake this for acting desperate to grab the attention of that person. No, what you will have to do is be a constant presence in that person’s life.

If you think that this is going to take a lot of work, think again. Essentially, you will have to put more effort into the things that you already normally do. If that person sends you a text and you are available to reply as soon as you receive the notification, do it.

Trying to play hard-to-get or mind games will only divert that person’s attention to someone available when you aren’t.

When that person tries to plan a group outing and most people seem to say that they won’t be able to make it, or they would rather do something else, you should be the one who volunteers. They will see you as someone who is reliable and has similar tastes to them.

If you keep doing this, you eventually will be the first person they ask to do something together because they are assuming you will be interested.

4. Create an interesting aura around you:

Yes, you will have to be an interesting person for someone to develop an obsession with you, but you will also have to be genuine about yourself. Be open about the things that interest you, and don’t show embarrassment when you are talking about them.

Maybe, they will share some of their secret interests with you too, and if so that will create a bond between you two. Once they see you as an interesting person, they will immediately think about you when they want to have fun. If you did find that you have things in common, take this as an opportunity to engage in activities together.

As a reminder, you don’t need to change into a completely different person to become interesting. If your idea of an interesting person is someone who goes out every night and is constantly surrounded by friends, then you have to broaden your horizons. An interesting person can be someone who’s sure of themselves and knows what they like and dislike, regardless of what their personality type is.

5. Be vulnerable around them:

We’ve established that someone can be obsessed with you when you let them be comfortable around you, but the opposite can do wonders as well. If you show your vulnerable side to someone, you will be tearing down potential barriers that existed between you two.

You will be showing your full self, without any filters to appear more confident. Inevitably, that person will feel incredibly close to you, they will feel almost as if they have known you their entire life.

You will be able to share a high level of emotional intimacy, which will bring you closer than ever. That person will become obsessed with you because you are offering them a haven.

6- Always look your best when they meet or see you:

Looking your best whenever you meet or run into someone can make them think you’re very attractive and charismatic. It can help a lot in making them obsessed with you. When you look attractive, seductive, and charming, it’s easy to see why someone would become infatuated with you.

They may enjoy the way you look, the way you dress, or the way you carry yourself. Consequently, they’ll want to be in your presence or talk to you for longer and even be associated with someone so mesmerizing.

Looking your best isn’t just about being naturally an attractive person, it’s also about the type of effort you look into your appearence. If you can make someone feel butterflies in their stomach whenever they set their eyes on you, they’re sure to be enchanted by your presence.

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