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How to make couple friends as a couple?

How to make couple friends as a couple?

Making couple friends is not as easy as making individual friends. However, it’s worth the effort! Especially if most of your friends are single and you can’t always do couple activities with other couples that can relate to you two. Having couples as friends is a great way to have fun and also have people to rely on who can relate to the same things. 

One of the things that make it difficult for couples to find couple friends is that you have to find people the two of you get along and vibe with. This can be challenging, especially if you and your partner are very different or have different interests. 

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for couples to make very good friends and have a great time together. Today, we want to give you a few ideas of where to look for couples as friends so you can have an easier time finding people you can relate to as a couple and seeing how things go. 

How to make couple friends?

1- Sign up for a class together:

Signing up for a class as a couple can be a great way to meet other couples. The difficult part of this plan is finding a class that will interest you both. Luckily, there are many great options. You can take cooking classes, dance classes, boating classes, fitness classes, painting classes, and language classes, among other options. 

Learning something new is not only fun, it will allow you to connect with your partner and make new memories. You’ll also find a nice hobby, which is always good for stress. As a bonus, you will make new couples as friends together and nurture your relationships separately as couples whenever you meet. 

2- Go on a trip together:

If it’s time for a vacation, you should consider planning a trip. Vacations are a great way to meet other couples with similar interests. You can decide what kind of trip you want to take. Whether you want to go camping, fishing, sightseeing, or anything else. 

Going to popular destinations or resorts and taking tours will give you a great opportunity to meet other couples and connect. Traveling as a couple with the friends you already have in common can be challenging to say the least.

On the other hand, the people you meet on your trips will already have the same travel style and you’ll already have things in common you can share. 

3- Practice your spirituality together:

Practicing or exploring your spirituality together is a great way to meet couples on the same path. Wherever your spirituality may lead you, you will find people with similar beliefs and you’ll be able to connect through that. 

You can go to a house of worship or temple separately, then meet someone who will have a partner and be interested in meeting you outside that religious place with them.

Join a meditation class as a couple, join groups that further spiritual values, and more. You won’t only be able to go deeper into your spirituality together and connect with one another but you will also have the opportunity to connect with others and build meaningful friendships. 

4- Register in group sporting activities:

If you’re both sporty, you should consider registering for a sports league together. It doesn’t matter if you’re not super athletic, you don’t have to join a soccer team if you’re not interested in that. However, you can join, for example, a kayaking club or a hiking one on social media and go when they organize their next event. 

You will be able to work out together as a couple, which is good for connection and it’s quite healthy. Not to mention you will be able to connect with people who have similar interests and meet other couples. Joining a sports club or group of any kind will make it easier for you to make new couple friends. 

5- Form a group together:

If you can’t find a group or class to join in your area, you can create it together and create a Facebook page for whoever is interested. If you can’t find something that you’d both like to do, that’s another great reason to form your own group. Whether that’s a book club, wine tasting club, beer-making club, chess club, etc. 

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to forming your own group based on the hobby you and your partner have in common. You just need to make sure everything is well organized and promote it on social media so other couples can join. You’ll be surprised about how many people might be looking for the kind of group you’d like to create. 


Whatever activity you decide to engage in, you must make the decision together and make sure it’s something you’re both excited about. As a couple, you need to be on the same page together before looking for couples with similar interests as your own.

And, keep in mind, that not all couples are the same for instance you can check this article out for a hilarious take on how couples can be different.

Being open and willing to get to know other people is key! So, find the middle ground and make sure this is something you both want to do. Otherwise, whatever you do will not be successful and you risk having an unpleasant time. 

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