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How to make a player fall in love in 6 steps?

How to make a player fall in love in 6 steps?

What does it take to make a player fall in love? well, first you need to be sure that you’re attracted to him physically and before you follow any of the steps listed below.

He needs to be someone you can see yourself spending a lot of time with, someone who makes you laugh and whom you enjoy being around. After all, nobody wants to take the risk of dealing with a player unless they at least establish that there’s a mutual attraction.

If that’s something you have checked for and verified already then here are a few steps to start taking more action and making him fall for you.

5 Steps to make a player fall in love with you:

1. Before stepping into romantic territory, try to become their friend:

Players love to chase after what they don’t own or have just to prove a point that they can get anything they want. A player is used to seducing very quickly and moves to the romantic and sexual phase of the relationship almost immediately. That’s the opposite of what you want to do if you wish for him to fall in love with you.

A player is not used to being friends with someone first and then letting that relationship evolve into something else. They are used to set clear boundaries for their friends and their lovers.

So, if you try to be his friend, by taking an interest in what he likes and socializing as friends you will catch him by surprise. Allow him to know you first and then try and turn the relationship into a romantic one. That’s when love comes into play.

2. Don’t use seductive tactics that they are used to:

A player is not like other guys. He is very experienced in the art of seduction and even takes pride in being very knowledgeable about that topic. But the most important thing you need to pay attention to in his seductive moves is that he is always the one in control. That’s why you are going to try and pull the rug from his feet.

Think about all the moves you’ve seen him using on other people or try to use on you and make sure you don’t use the same one to seduce him. Do a different type of technique; which will be very possible and easy because as we explain your aim is the opposite of his. While he always aims to quickly jump to getting physical and all, you will delay and extend the courtship and chase that comes before that for just as long as you can!

This will pique his interest in you because it’s something he never experienced. Suddenly he is following your every move to find out what you are going to do next to surprise him.

3. Be unreachable at times:

A player is used to a high success rate when it comes to his conquests. He’s also used to not having doors closed on him. However, due to his player nature, there’s nothing more he loves than fun chasing.

If he takes interest in you he is counting on having you under his control in no time. Well, you are going to spend a lot of time putting obstacles in his way to get you.

Because he can’t have you that easily, and because you made him aware that you are the only one who can change that, you are leaving him vulnerable. And, that’s something he is not used to feeling. For every two or three times, you reject him, accept one of his invitations. You are going to intrigue him this way and make him eager to keep trying and keep chasing you.

4. Confidence is key:

A player knows better than anyone else that the women that fall for their act the most are those who are seeking validation from the opposite sex. he probably assumes that women that go for him are needy because they don’t feel good about themselves or confident enough. So the smallest compliment and attention get them ecstatic.

However, you will turn his head in your direction if you act like you don’t need him or any other man for that matter. You will be as self-confident as can be! In addition to that, you are going to act in a way that can attract a lot of male attention but once you get an invite you will reject it straight away.

You don’t need to actually be this confident, you just have to seem and act like it. As a player, he will respect you much more if he sees a challenge in you. Without realizing it, he will start falling in love with you because he will see you as his equal.

5. Be clear about your intentions:

The last thing a player is looking for is a serious relationship. He wants to go to a different woman as soon as he suspects he is going to be bored with the one he is dating at the moment. So, before you are finally able to get in a relationship with him, be clear about your intentions and don’t reward him by getting physical or treating him like a boyfriend in any way until he commits.

Don’t overwhelm him with too many expectations from the get-go, just let him know that you don’t do anything for anyone unless they steal their heart by courting you properly. And not only that, but they have to also earn the title of becoming your boyfriend or partner which may require months of hardcore work and proving themselves.

But these are all things you’ll keep to yourself, you only need to let him know your intentions and expectations of finding someone serious for a long-term relationship. The rest will follow naturally as you won’t give in unless he commits and proves to be genuine in his claims.

6. Don’t be upfront about your feelings at first:

When women talk about feelings with a player their interest in them can decrease. For players, talking about feelings is a synonym for emotional intimacy, which they are not ready for. If you feel the need to express what you are feeling, be subtle about it. Talk about how much fun it is to spend time together and what things you love doing and would like to try with him.

When he doesn’t see a talk about feelings coming his way, he will be more inclined in giving you a chance because he thinks you are independent enough to not need him for emotional support. Of course, that can still change as soon as he starts falling in love with you.

In the end, you can check this article out too on the type of woman that players usually fall for. it will help you a lot!

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