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How to make a guy cry over text?

How to make a guy cry over text?

One of the most satisfying things in the world is making a guy that hurt you cry. It’s a good way to get revenge if he has hurt you or to make him get a taste of his own medicine at least. It might feel very good to see him squirm.

Of course, it’s not always easy to make something like that happen. But if confrontation in person is not your forte then you can try to make him cry through text. Guys can tend to be tougher than girls, and they’re usually not as emotional.

So the only way you can actually achieve your goal is if you know how to push his buttons, and you will definitely make him shed a few tears. So let’s dive in and discuss some tips on how to make a guy cry over text, or how you can try at least:

Steps to make a guy cry over text:

1- Don’t show your anger or intentions:

First, don’t go in with the intention of making him cry. If you do, he’ll sense it and he’ll just shut down. Instead, act like you’re having a normal conversation and then strike, when he least expects it.

Don’t make him doubt you or see what you’re trying to do. Start a conversation by text or send a message about something unrelated first. Then once he reads your message and replies back, then think about sending a more direct message at that exact moment.

This way you make sure that he will see your message straight away and when he wasn’t ready for it.

2- Remember what makes him specifically emotional:

Another thing you can do is remember that we’re all different and we all have different things that affect us in different ways. So try to remember what makes this specific guy emotional.

It might seem unimportant but you have to remember what topics were his biggest weaknesses and find a way to use them or link them to what you’ll be saying or holding him accountable for.

Is he sensitive about his family or friends? Does he get misty-eyed when someone mentions his inability to self-control, anger issues, or any other flaw he has that he cannot get rid of? Once you know what gets to him, you can use that against him.

3- Hold him accountable and say it all at once:

Whatever it is that you have to accuse him of or weaponize against him, you have to say it all at once so that your blow has a bigger impact. If you spread your facts over many different texts then it can make your words lose their impact and strength.

Instead, say it all at once and then you can elaborate and explain each point separately if he’s willing to go into detail or if he feels guilty enough to want to explain himself. For a reference, you can check this article out on how to call a guy out on his bad behavior.

In the end, you will have to write a well-thought-of personal message that you will shoot at him after having gotten his attention through other insignificant texts.

4- You will not be in control of the emotions you trigger:

No matter how you approach this situation, and even if your intention is to make the guy cry or feel guilty enough to apologize possibly, you never know for sure what emotions this will trigger in him. You might make him extremely angry and upset.

Or you might actually succeed in making him feel sad and remorseful. In any way, be ready for any type of outcome. You could trigger feelings of more hatred for you in his heart or you could make him want to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. In any case, the only way to predict this accurately is if you know the guy well enough to understand his usual thinking process and the nature of his character.

However, go into this while keeping in mind that there’s always a chance that you might awaken some other types of emotions in him rather than the ones you’re looking for.

5- Be ready for a bigger confrontation:

Guys like to be in control and they want to be the strong ones in the relationship. So, when you make a guy cry over text, or when you try at least; it definitely gets his attention. It shows that you’re not afraid to push his buttons and that you’re willing to take the risk of making him mad too.

This is why you have to be prepared for his reaction. He might blow up your phone with calls and texts after your very personal text, or he might even show up at your door. Either way, he’ll be sure to remember your gesture for a long time to come.

So decide what to do in advance: Do you want to take his calls and discuss the situation that way or do you want to take your shot with your text and ignore him? If you ignore him he might want to find you in person or start an altercation with you the next time he sees you. So make sure you’re not gonna do something that puts you in such a situation or any type of danger.

6- Let your anger go away:

Lastly, we understand that he must’ve hurt you pretty badly for you to want to make him cry. However, if he hasn’t done anything that warrants this type of revenge, then you should just let it go.

Even if he did something that you can’t get over then, holding a grudge will only poison you in the end. So after you have tried to get him to regret his wrongdoing, you can start thinking about ways to heal yourself and move on eventually.

How to make a guy become emotional, in person?

If what you want is to touch the guy’s heart instead and leave a great enough impact to make him cry or make him emotional then here are a few tips.

First, if you’re discussing something emotional with a guy that cares about you then don’t hold back. If you’re feeling emotional, let it out, and don’t be scared to show some tears yourself. Guys appreciate honesty and vulnerability, so don’t be afraid to show your true feelings.

Second, try opening up about something that’s really important to you. Guys usually have a hard time expressing their emotions, so this can be a great way to get them in touch with their own feelings.

So keep in mind if you want a guy to be able to open up to you then you have to do it first and over a few occasions not just once. So if you can get him to trust you enough to want to tell you about his deepest fears, past experiences, or thoughts then this will become easy.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get physical. Sometimes a good hug or reassuring touch can be just what he needs to let his emotions out. So if you get a guy to become vulnerable in front of you or talk about something that triggers a lot of emotions in him, then get closer and establish a comforting type of physical touch. This will surely be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind that the only reason we’re talking about making a guy emotional or pushing him to cry in front of you is to get the two of you closer and closer. Guys seem to always want to show a strong front and want to keep their feelings bottled up.

However, if you have a light magical touch you can help a guy that’s special to you let his guard around you, become vulnerable to you, and share his emotions with you in the purest possible form. This can only create an unbreakable bond between the two of you by triggering feelings like compassion, empathy and even love.

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