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How to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad in 5 ways?

How to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad in 5 ways?

It’s normal to feel conflicted about your relationship after being cheated on. You might want to talk it out with your partner and see if you can work through it together. If you don’t think that the relationship is worth working on, then it may be time to end things.

No matter what you decide, it is normal to feel angry, and hurt and to want to make the other person feel horrible and regretful about what they’ve done. In the end though keep in mind that just because someone is acting guilty, it doesn’t always mean they’re truly sorry. Maybe they’re just sorry they got caught!

So how can you ensure that your partner truly feels bad about having cheated, guilty and regretful?

How to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad?

1- Break up with him:

The ultimate way to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad is not to let him get away with murder! You can do that by breaking up with him. Nothing else can truly make a guy realize that he wronged you other than losing you altogether.

Walking away when he cheats is sometimes necessary because it will demonstrate that you have self-respect, self-esteem, and standards. It will also prove that you don’t accept anything or the bare minimum when dating or in a relationship, which will make you look very valuable and precious. Check out our article on why you should never accept the bare minimum when dating or in a relationship.

All in all, if he broke up he probably didn’t care enough in the first place about the possibility of losing you. And, that alone means you deserve someone better. Someone who will care enough about you, to think a lot before they wrong you.

2- Give him the silent treatment after he cheated:

The silent treatment is a passive-aggressive punishment that is commonly used by couples to punish their significant other. The silent treatment is often used as a form of punishment for the person who cheated or has done an unforgivable or hurtful thing to their partner.

Later, you can check out our list of things that you cannot forgive in a relationship and check this article out too on why you should never accept the bare minimum in a relationship. in any case, the silent treatment can be used as a way for the person to feel bad about what they have done and hopefully make them regret their actions.

In the end, it is a way of telling the other person that you are upset and angry with them. The silent treatment can be done in different ways, such as not talking or responding to the other person, or ignoring them when they are around. The silent treatment may work as a way of getting revenge on your cheating boyfriend if you decide to stay around. If you want him to feel bad for what he did, then this might be a good tactic to use.

3- Be petty and thank him, before you leave:

If you’re gonna leave your boyfriend or break up with him a good way to have a beautifully dramatic and unforgettable exit is to thank him for having given you your single life back.

It goes without saying that women are statistically more sought after, chased, courted, and spoiled by their dates when in the dating scene. Tell him that you miss all that attention, that you’re young and deserve to enjoy your single life a little more.

Petty responses to cheating can be a form of revenge. They are often considered to be immature or childish, but who cares?! It is usually the result of someone feeling slighted, offended, or wronged by another person. And, it does bring some relief and a sense of peace so go for it.

4- Live your best life without him:

Cheating is a huge deal, and it can be difficult to get over. It’s natural to want to make your cheating partner feel as bad as possible. But if you’re going to do it, try not to contact him at all. Yes, it can seem contradictory but trust us he has a million ways of finding out how you’re doing without directly talking to you.

So the aim is that whenever he does that or tries spying on your social media feed or asking your friends about you, he has to realize that he was the only obstacle holding you down. You have to start enjoying and living your best time as soon as you walk out of the door.

Go on that girls’ trip you’ve been wishing for, get a full makeover, do something crazy, etc, the bottom line is to live largely and enjoy, after you leave him behind!

5- Forget about him in no time:

Let’s be real: it is time to forget about him and move on. It is not worth it to keep feeling bad about a terrible relationship. You deserve better than that.

Instead of basing your life purpose on making a cheater feel bad, you should just forget about him as soon as you can and move on with your life. You will be doing yourself a huge favor. You deserve better than what he has done to you and there are plenty of other guys out there who would be better for you anyway.

To show you just how much of a waste of time a cheater would be, check this article out on what cheating says about a person. You can also check this out on how cheating might change you and be ready for any consequences so you can work on yourself accordingly.

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