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How to know if a woman gives up on a relationship?

How to know if a woman gives up on a relationship?

There are all sorts of reasons why a woman might give up on a relationship. Maybe she’s been hurt too many times by her partner, or maybe she’s just done with it all. Whatever the reason, there comes a point when a woman decides that it’s time to move on. And when that happens, there’s no turning back.

She may still have feelings for her soon-to-be-ex, but she knows that it’s not meant to be. So she moves on, makes sure she heals, finds someone new, and starts fresh. It takes courage to give up on a relationship, but sometimes it’s the best thing that a woman can do.

So how do you know when a woman has reached a stage where she’s about to leave her partner behind and give up on everything? Read on and find out!

6 Signs that a woman has given up on a relationship:

1- She’s no longer interested in physical intimacy:

Don’t get it wrong, women value physical intimacy in a relationship as much as men. So if she doesn’t make an effort to spice things up it means that she is no longer attracted to her partner, or that she is losing interest in being with him. Physical intimacy problems can be solved if one of the partners takes action, that’s true, but they also need to talk about it. 

So if you see your wife or girlfriend take a step back from any form of physical contact with you, think about asking her if she is unhappy with something or if there’s something new she would like to try.

Sometimes, she may just feel like her sexual needs are attended to and she thinks you won’t listen to her. Dry spells are normal in a relationship, especially if it’s a long-term one, but if this one doesn’t seem to end, you need to take action.

2- Communication between you two is decreasing:

Communication is key to a healthy relationship and your partner is aware of that. If she was very good at communicating her problems and saying what she didn’t like in the relationship but now you get complete silence from her, that’s a sign that she is giving up on the relationship.

She could feel that no matter what she says things will stay the same and she will continue to be unhappy. She could even be thinking that you aren’t capable of helping her because you never could understand the things she complained about.

If you are willing to save the relationship, it’s your turn to be the one responsible for the communication in your relationship, at least in the meantime. She will have to see that you are willing to make an effort to make her happy.

3- She doesn’t show any interest in your life:

As human beings, it’s normal that we care about and take an interest in the lives of those we love, and women are experts in that. Generally, women know what questions to ask if they want to know something about you and how to take care of you when you need help.

If the woman in your life stops asking you how work is going, especially on the days when you are stressed or she doesn’t seem very attentive when you are sick, it means that she is losing interest in you and the relationship.

4- You argue a lot:

Whether you didn’t use to argue or argued a few times when your relationship was healthy, you now seem to have constant fights. The reason for this is that she is no longer interested in preserving the relationship and even the smallest things annoy her. In fact, anything seems enough to start an explosive argument.

You don’t have to tolerate her bad mood but you need to consider that she may not be willing to change her behavior because she doesn’t feel like she has to save the relationship. In this case, you should take action and end things before they turn so bad that you won’t be able to stand each other.

5- Her goals, in general, are changing:

When your relationship becomes serious, it’s only natural for your goals in life, whether medium-term or long-term, to be the same, or at least to be compatible. You begin to strive for the same things and the achievement of one means getting close to achieving the other. This is the dynamic of two people who are committed to making their relationship as a couple grow.

However, if your girlfriend or your wife is losing interest in you and the relationship, then she is probably starting to make goals of her own. In other words, she is thinking of a new future that doesn’t include you. The worst thing is that she won’t let you know that her plans are changing until she is one step out of the door, and then it will be too late.

6- She doesn’t want to spend time with you:

Of course, it’s healthy to be with other people besides your partner. You need variety in life and to be able to live a balanced one, but that’s exactly the point. You need to find a balance between the time you spend with each other and the time you spend apart from other people.

If she is suddenly going out with her friends and she stopped inviting you to go with her it means that she is pushing you from her life. The same thing can happen with an event she knows you wanted to go to, but chose to go to by herself or with other people, instead.

Essentially, she is trying to put you in a bubble and limit your presence in her life. That’s not a problem if your relationship is still at its early stages or you just wanted to be casual, but when you are in a serious long-term relationship, you are supposed to be part of each other’s lives in a relevant way.

In the end, you may want to read this article too on why women leave relationships emotionally before they actually take themselves out of it physically too.

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