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How to have more charisma and charm?

How to have more charisma and charm?

If you want to be considered as a great, fun, and loveable person to be around, you need to have charisma. This is not something that you can train or acquire. However, being charismatic can be a skill that you can cultivate and learn.

Our personality can have an impact on both our image in front of others as well as how we perceive ourselves. Our personalities can alter our life massively and the way we interact with others in real life and online; it can help or hinder us in many situations. 

So what is charisma?

What is charisma, you ask? Charisma is a personality trait that we all possess to some extent.

Charisma can be defined as an individual’s power to influence others’ opinions and ideas, particularly in relation to themselves. Hence, others can perceive charismatic people in a good light and be more accepting of their contribution, and intervention in everyday social life which will benefit them a lot. Charisma is also sometimes referred to; as attractive “persuasiveness”.

Charisma can also be the ability to convey your personality in a distinctive way, or “to have charisma”. In other words, it is about being charismatic and it involves specific aspects such as using your eyes, voice, body language and a specific talking style.

How to be more charismatic and charming?

1- Be yourself:

The best way to have charm and charisma; is to be yourself and show it in your actions and words. We need to believe and want to be ourselves and not just an imitation of someone else.

We can do it by expressing genuinely through our facial expressions, actions and decisions exactly how we feel and what we want. The more we try and act in a way that doesn’t reflect our real thoughts and mindset, the more we look awkward, weird and untrustworthy.

2-Be creative:

Charismatic people are creative and they carry themselves in an attractive and beautiful way. They live and do everything with passion. They also show tremendous energy, passion and motivation about anything they’re talking about.

They can also bring in a new perspective or change to the way others look at things. They’re naturally enthusiastic and overall interested in whatever it is that they care or talk about.

3- Be a good listener:

One of the ways to develop your inner charisma is by simply listening attentively, being open-hearted, and having the ability to listen, be curious and ask questions.

These are all qualities that will help you understand what is going on first around you before you intervene. And that’s to make sure that your intervention is not out of place or order.

Being more curious and asking the right questions can induce likability in other people.

5- Find humour in everything:

One of the most important things you need is an open mind, a good sense of humour and the ability to laugh at your own misfortune. It’s as simple as that! if you can do it, then anyone can feel confident enough about approaching you, laughing with you and conversing with you.

It instantly makes you look like an approachable person that is easy to talk to and that can make anyone’s day brighter and more fun!

6- Being a great communicator and speaker:

If you want to be more charismatic you will also need to develop empathy and social intelligence which is necessary for being a great communicator.

If you stutter, find yourself doubting your words or look nervous; then you would probably already have lost the other person’s interest. Indeed, they may be impatient for you to say whatever it is you have to say; before they move on and carry on with having a great day far away from you.

The better of a speaker you are, the swifter and more eloquently you get your message across and the more you obtain people’s attention and interest in what you’re talking about!

The benefits of being more charismatic:

-Success in your professional life:

A great personality is a key to success in any business. A person who has charisma is an asset for any organisation, and when it comes to selling products and services, being charismatic also makes you more desirable to customers.

This skill will be extremely valuable for your career success, especially if you have it naturally.

-Being a creative and successful person:

The ability to have charisma is a key element of creativity, which can be seen in people like Socrates, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln etc.

Without charisma, we cannot get ideas that are translatable in the real world or get the best out of our creativity by knowing how to express them confidently. It has been said that creativity is controlled by one’s confidence and ability to share their thoughts.

If we don’t have good charisma, we cannot share our ideas in a good manner.

-Succeeding in your love life:

If you want to create a stronger, more memorable connection with someone, then you need to use your social skills and a bit of charisma. That’s because when we are dating or in the company of our partner or even in-laws, it is important that we seem trustworthy, genuine, reliable, kind, smart and likeable.

These qualities can all be present to a certain degree in charismatic people. The more charismatic you are, the easier it will be for you to find a match in the dating world.

That’s because you will be easy to talk to and likeable, so the main question about finding someone will more be about who your cup of tea is rather than finding someone who accepts you because that should become easy if you have all that it takes plus some charisma added to the equation!

Bottom line:

One of the biggest challenges for many people is that they tend to lack charisma. They don’t have something special or attractive that makes others want to seek their company and connect with them or even listen to their ideas and give them enough importance. 

The main problem with charisma is that it cannot be easily faked, that’s why the only way you can develop it is by truly learning to express yourself eloquently and following the tips given above.

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