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How to get your wife in the mood in 4 steps?

How to get your wife in the mood in 4 steps?

The key to getting your wife frisky may be deceptively simple: having the right strategy. This doesn’t mean you need to go back to being a veritable suitor, standing outside her window singing love songs and holding an arrangement of roses in order to get lucky. If you’re her spouse, the good news is that you’re past all that; luckily for you and a little push may do the trick.

Instead, why not just take the initiative to tailor your approach based on your circumstances and her personality? By now, you do know her better than anyone else. You know what she likes and how she likes it, so why not put all that knowledge to good use?!

With a bit of ingenuity, you can take steps to rekindle that romantic spark and get your wife feeling frisky! For more guidance, here are a few tips on how to get your wife in the mood without resorting to cheesy pick-up lines or uncomfortable advances.

4 steps to get your wife feeling frisky and get her in the mood:

1. Create a romantic atmosphere:

The first step to getting your wife in the mood is creating an atmosphere that encourages romance. Put away any work stress and switch off any devices that could distract either of you. This doesn’t mean that you should force her to put down her phone or tell her off if she doesn’t oblige immediately. As you can imagine doing such a thing will only create an argument or upset her enough not to want to engage in any romantic or intimate acts.

Instead, your intentions should be obvious. Maybe you should be wearing an apron and attempting to prepare dinner. If you spread a few rose petals on the dinner table then it could also easily signal that you’re trying to do something romantic. If she notices that something like this is going on then she will naturally put her phone away without drama and you’ll get her attention!

another thing you can try is to light some candles and dim the lights. Also, why not turn on some music; nothing too fast-paced or loud, and create a cozy environment for you both to relax? You could even consider spraying some scented oil or lighting incense to give it an extra touch of luxury.

2. Give her some attention:

Giving her attention when she least expects it is one way to make your significant other feel special and appreciated. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; you could just bring her breakfast in bed, run her a hot bath or give her a massage.

Anything that shows you care and can help turn up the heat in the bedroom is welcome! If you really want to surprise her, buy tickets for something fun like a concert or show, which adds another layer of excitement and anticipation for later. Plus, everyone knows that women are emotional creatures who need to know that they are cared for, so giving your wife some extra attention unexpectedly is always a good thing to do.

Whether it’s bringing home her favorite snack or flowers before she arrives, making a thoughtful gesture out of the blue can help women remember the bond they share with their partner and will undoubtedly brighten up their day. As we said it doesn’t have to be something suggestive, a simple and genuine show of love can make your wife’s heart melt. Even something as simple as sending an unexpected text message letting her know that you love her can mean all the world, especially if that’s not something you do often.

3. Giver her compliments:

No woman can resist a compliment! Never hesitate to tell your wife how beautiful she looks, how much she means to you, and how proud you are of her accomplishments. Complimenting her will make her feel loved and admired by you.

When done sincerely, these compliments have the power to light up even the darkest of days! Be specific about what exactly it is about her that has made such an impression on you. This will make your compliment sound genuine, rather than something generic you pulled out of a quick google search. This will show that you pay attention to and value all aspects of who she is.

It’s amazing what compliments can do! When done right, compliments have the power to completely transform a situation. They can be powerful beyond measure when said at the right time and with genuine intent. One small compliment has the power to turn disastrous situations into something spectacular, or it could be all you need to make your wife feel in the mood. So take the time to write a nice flirty and appreciative text to your wife or even better: say it in person!

4. Make more time for her:

Finally, let us remind you that setting aside quality time for each other is one of the most important things your relationship needs for it to last. That’s why taking the time to connect romantically with your partner can go a long way toward getting your wife to feel in the mood more often and to want to connect with you on a physical level too.

Listening to her more often, talking about what’s going on in her life, and making her laugh is key. These are all important contributions toward building an intimate connection that will have a positive effect on helping your wife to feel closer to you on all levels.

Women are often thought of as more emotionally driven than their male counterparts, so it’s no surprise that for many a close emotional bond is essential before any type of intimate physical relationship. In this case, it is your spouse we’re talking about so of course, you would’ve already built a strong emotional bond through the years and months where you’ve been together. However, it doesn’t hurt to still show her affection and to spend some time in her arms, whispering sweet nothings, before you initiate something more. Wanting to feel loved, appreciated, and even feel seductive before doing anything else is an instinct that’ll never go out of style.


Getting your wife in the mood doesn’t have to be difficult if approached thoughtfully and with care; simply creating an atmosphere conducive to romance can be enough in most cases! Showcasing your attentiveness through the other steps listed above will also be greatly appreciated by your other half.

Most importantly, however, don’t forget those little compliments here and there. They go a long way! All these steps together should help rekindle that romantic spark between you two and get those sparks flying high! Good luck!

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