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How to get your husband’s attention again in 5 steps?

How to get your husband’s attention again  in 5 steps?

If you feel like you’re in a rut and your husband isn’t paying attention to you like he used to, don’t worry; there are ways to get his attention back. And, what’s more, it will be thrilling and pleasing for both of you.

With a little effort and by following our 5 steps listed below you can rekindle the romance in your marriage and get your husband’s attention back. So let’s cut to the chase!

How to get your husband’s attention again?

1. Give him compliments:

Have you taken a moment to reflect on how it feels when you receive a compliment, especially from someone that matters? You might agree that it makes you feel extremely happy and you replay it in your head many times because you were flattered by the fact that a special person paid attention to a little detail about you.

As a natural response, you might find yourself repeating what you did that granted you this reward in order to fish out more compliments. That’s how your husband will behave once you start complimenting him.

You don’t have to stick to compliments based on his appearance, although they will make him feel good about himself for sure. You can also compliment the way he helps you around the house or the way he makes you feel loved.

All of this will make him stop and redirect his attention to you to try to see if you are being honest or if you are hoping to get something out of him. In this case, you will need to be genuine, as he will know when you are lying. He will need reassurance that you mean the compliment you gave and then he will secretly feel thrilled.

2. Appeal to his sensual side:

Men are known to be very visual, they rely on their sight more than any other sense, so one of the best and most successful ways to get your husband’s attention again is to look good. You will want to make it impossible for him to look away.

Take a good look at yourself. Have you been neglecting your appearance? It’s important to feel attractive to your husband, so make an effort to dress up more often and wear things that will make you feel confident. Don’t be afraid to go all out and put some effort into your looks with the guidance of the little things that you know he likes as it will guarantee that your plan works. For example, if he likes your hair up then put it up more often. If he likes it down, then oblige.

Aside from curating your image, you can also act flirtatiously more often. In any relationship, it’s important to keep the romance and the flame of passion alive, so you shouldn’t shy away from showing your husband that you still find him appealing.

Since you already share a big level of intimacy, make it fun and obvious that you are flirting with him, and don’t make it too complicated. This will definitely catch your husband’s attention and spike his interest.

3. Reflect on how you talk with him:

As much as you would like to live in a love bubble for the rest of your life, real-life problems and responsibilities always manage to seep in. What can happen to many people is that, they get so involved in their daily tasks, always feeling that time is never right to refocus on their spouse and forgive their flaws.

It sounds unfair, but it’s usually the people who are closest to us that have to deal with our bad moods and not-so-flattering side. Your husband should be there for you in the good and bad times, that’s true, but remember that he doesn’t deserve a lesser treatment just because you are having a bad day.

If the situation were reversed, you would like to be treated with respect as well. What you can do is try to stay calm, and remember that your husband is not to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life. Check this article out on how to deal with mood swings in a relationship and seek your help with it, if you suffer from such a thing.

This technique will help you to continue to be caring and loving when you talk with your husband, regardless of what situation you’re in. And this will definitely get his attention because he can see that even though you are having a hard time, you appreciate his presence and support.

4. Create a routine that incorporates date nights:

Even though you are full of responsibilities, you need to remember that you need to have fun as a couple from time to time. A good way to stick to it is by making a schedule for date nights. You could plan a date every week, and even more! But if you feel that you are very busy and wouldn’t be able to always do it, then plan it for every other week. 

You don’t have to go all out on your dates, sometimes going to a restaurant that you both love or going to see a movie is enough to spend quality time together. It’s a good opportunity to show your husband how much you care about investing in your marriage.

It will get his attention because he will start valuing your efforts and be more sure of himself and confident since he knows without a doubt that you love him. Also, he won’t hesitate to show his love too and will not feel like it’s one-sided.

In addition, you can try planning some romantic gestures that will revive the spark between you two. Whether it’s cooking his favorite meal or planning a weekend away, put some thought into making things special for just the two of you.

5. Do activities together:

Have you thought that your husband is so overwhelmed with other aspects of his life that he is not paying attention to you, not because doesn’t want to, but because he can’t right now?

If that’s the case with you and your husband, you are the one who needs to take action and snap him out of that feeling. You should calmly suggest doing fun activities that don’t require much preparation or a big dislocation.

You can suggest cooking together two times per week or doing physical exercise together. Either way, you will be spending a relaxing time with your husband, making him see that he should stay focused on you as well.

Make him feel like his time with you is not another duty or chore that he should make time for. Instead, it can be a good relaxing way for him to recharge and go back to face his problems with more strength and purpose afterward.

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