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How to get him to stop dating others in 4 steps?

How to get him to stop dating others in 4 steps?

If you’re hoping to get a guy to commit to a monogamous relationship with you quicker and stop seeing others, there are a few things you can do.

But before that make sure that you found the right person and that you’re genuinely interested in trying your best at stealing his heart and being the sole owner of it. This will spare you a lot of deception, and heartache and it will avoid having anyone be led on.

So if you truly have your heart set on him, then here are 4 steps to get a guy you like to stop dating others:

How to get a guy to stop dating others:

1- Make your intentions known indirectly then directly:

First, make sure that you’re clear about your own intentions: are you ready for an exclusive relationship? If so, let him know indirectly if he doesn’t get it then you can think about a more direct approach.

So initially you can try dropping hints to see if he picks up on them. For example, you can ask him how he would feel if you started or continued seeing other people.

If he just acts like he doesn’t get it or if he says that he doesn’t mind that you continue seeing others then be more direct. You can do that by telling him directly that you’d be interested in seeing him exclusively if he’s ready and no one else.

If he’s not ready for a commitment, don’t push it but you don’t have to pretend to be unbothered and happy. He would’ve still rejected you to some extent, after all. So, try to accept that he may need more time or maybe drop hints that his time with you is limited after having made such a statement.

It’s entirely up to you to move on and show him how much you value your time. Or, give him a little more days to decide if he’s that into you. Ultimately, it’s not only up to him you can also choose to walk away if his response is not satisfying but be ready for this outcome before you even throw the question at him.

2- Be the entire package and more:

Naturally, if the guy you’re interested in doesn’t think you’re worth committing to or that you’re the type of partner he’s looking for, then nothing can speed things up.

In fact, the more he thinks you’re not all that, the more he will be willing to date others and leave his options open. After all, if you’re not his dream girl it will be hard to convince him to give up on the chance of finding the real deal and settling for you.

We’re not saying this to discourage you in your quest, but we’re saying it to emphasize that if you didn’t look your best and establish physical attraction and chemistry between the two of you, then it can be difficult to succeed at this. Nothing you can do will convince the guy that you’re physically the type of woman he wants unless he can see that with his eyes.

So again, this is just a reminder of how important physical attraction can be and also an encouragement to always try and look your absolute best. Check this article out on how to look seductive without trying. In fact, you can also read this article later to see how important or not physical attraction can be in a relationship.

3- Don’t be afraid of seeming to be demanding:

The next step on the list is to be demanding. Show him that you have standards and that you know your worth. If you demonstrate that you have such a high opinion of yourself and that you have a lot of respect, others can only oblige and believe you.

If you hold your head high and don’t shy away playfully asking him for example to delete the dating app that you met on, in front of you, he might be surprised. But, if he has let you believe that he’s ready for commitment then this will only make him more smitten.

He will feel intrigued by your confidence, he will want to get close to you and see what he’s missing out on and how you can have so much charm and assurance. Let him see that there’s more to you than just what’s on the surface. If he knows that he has to work for your attention, he’ll be more likely to focus his efforts on winning you over.

So don’t be afraid to be a little bit demanding. It just might be the key to getting what you want. Check this article out on why you should never accept the bare minimum when it comes to dating and relationships.

4- Be irresistible and unforgettable:

The last thing to do, if you want to make him want to be with you alone and stop dating others, is to be absolutely irresistible. You need to be the kind of woman that he can’t forget, by being unpredictable and doing or saying things that are crazy but still not vulgar or repulsive wither.

Be the one who stands out in his mind above all the rest. To do this, you need to be confident, fun, spontaneous, and interesting. Be the life of the party, always up for a good time, and look like you’re very excited about life. People are attracted to fun souls that don’t look like they will make them sit on a sofa and be lazy all year if they committed to them.

So if you can make him laugh, and feel different types of positive emotions then he’ll be hooked. Be mysterious and keep him guessing about what’s coming next. And most importantly, be yourself. The more comfortable he feels around you, the more likely he is to want to be with only you. So relax and let your personality shine through. If you do this, he’ll be head over heels for you in no time.

To help you out with this, we have prepared this article for you on what makes a woman memorable to a man, so go read it now!

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