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How to get him to admit he likes you without asking?

How to get him to admit he likes you without asking?

Most guys prefer dropping a lot of hints instead of coming right out and saying they like you. However, it can be difficult for you to tell if it’s all in your head or not, but you also don’t want to ask him.

If you’re wondering how to get a guy to admit he likes you without asking, today we’ll give you many useful tips!

Tips to get a guy to admit he’s into you without asking:

1. Get him to trust you:

Building trust is very important in any relationship. If you’ve been flirting and dating for a bit, you should be building that trust. It’s common for men not to say how they feel when they don’t know if they can trust you. So, show him he can. Make him feel comfortable talking about his feelings by opening up to him a bit. 

2. Show him you’re a good listener:

Women like to talk a lot, especially when they’re attracted to someone. You’re excited and you want him to get to know you.

However, you also have to give him the chance to express himself. Try to strike a 50/50 balance between talking and actively listening to what he has to say. This will help him feel comfortable, thus making it more likely for him to open up. 

3. Let him know you’re interested:

You don’t have to come right out and say you like him, you just have to show him. Show him you’re interested in him not only by making an effort to get to know him but also through body language.

Drop hints too! When you start reciprocating his energy it will give him the green light to say how he feels because he will be confident you feel the same and that he won’t get rejected. 

4. Discuss feelings often:

Guys are not big on talking about their feelings, which is why they may take a little longer to tell you they like you.

Try to have more intimate conversations by exploring what they look for in a relationship, what they like in women, and other similar topics, and be open about your feelings. Touching on these topics might give him the opportunity he’s looking for!

5. Try to make him a bit jealous:

This is a bit of a dangerous tactic, but it will work well if you don’t take it too far. It will make him feel just a little bit threatened, which can push him to finally say how he feels about you.

If he feels like he might lose his chance, he will jump on the opportunity to save it. Just keep it classy and don’t go overboard. Maybe flirt a little with another guy in front of him or let a guy flirt with you in front of him. 

6. Make him miss you a bit:

You know how they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well, they’re not wrong. Don’t be available 100% of the time and see how he reacts.

Give him a little space to think about you and second-guess his strategy of not letting you know he likes you. Plus, making him miss you means he’ll be more excited the next time he sees you, which may just inspire him to finally come clean. 

Additionally, you know that many people believe that men fall in love with you when they miss you so maybe it’s time to test it out and see if it has some truth to it!

7. Show him you appreciate him:

Stroking a guy’s ego can work wonders. It will make him feel very confident and it will also let him know you’re interested in him. The second he knows your feelings align, he will tell you how he feels.

So, show him some appreciation for the things he does for you. He makes time for you, treats you well, compliments you often, etc. All these things are great and he deserves some acknowledgment for that!

8. Drop more direct hints:

Last but not least, consider dropping more direct hints. For example, let’s say you’re talking about the kind of man you like. Why not describe him a little?

While you’re on the same topic, you can also say something like “I love when men are direct! I much rather when they tell me how they feel instead of just dropping hints” or “I like it when make take the initiative and let me know exactly how they feel about me.” Trust us, he’ll get the hint this time!


Getting a guy to admit he likes you is quite an art. Let’s face it, it’s a fun game! You already have a good idea he likes you, so you just want him to come right out and say it.

You just have to be patient, though, and avoid forcing things. It’s important to him his space, but if he’s taking too long, it could be because he’s not confident about how you feel. In that case, take a little action and see how it goes. 

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