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How to get him to admit he cheated in 6 ways?

How to get him to admit he cheated in 6 ways?

If your gut is telling you that your partner is up to no good and there might be someone else, then you should get to the bottom of it.

However, getting him to admit that he is cheating is not easy. It’s not impossible, though, and today we will give you 6 effective methods to try your luck at it. 

6 Ways to Get Him to Admit He Cheated:

1- Avoid intimidation and interruption:

You must avoid intimidation when confronting your partner. If you suspect him of cheating and you want to get the truth out of him, you need to give him room to speak. Let him tell his story and explain his side of things without interrupting or picking apart his words. 

Trust us, letting him speak and paying attention will serve you in the end. Even if you don’t believe a word he’s saying, allow him his space. We understand this is difficult for you, but you need to keep a lid on your emotions. 

2- Use psychology to your advantage:

In psychology, there’s a technique called priming in which a person’s behavior can be changed with a stimulus such as a word, image, or action. So, if you want your partner to be forthcoming, you need to stimulate that behavior in him. How? By asking him questions such as “do you feel like you’re an honest person?”

His answer will definitely be yes because most of us perceive ourselves, to be good and honest people. By asking questions like this, you will get him to come face to face with his actions. If he does consider himself to be honest, he will be forced to face reality. The guilt will make it more likely for him to admit to cheating.

If you want to use other questions to get to the bottom of what happened and how instead, then check out our article on questions to ask your unfaithful spouse. 

3- Ask them to change the order of their story:

Once you get something out of your partner and they’ve told you the full story, ask them to repeat it in a different order. For example, ask them to start from the end and work their way to the beginning. If your partner is lying, they will have trouble retelling the story exactly as they did the first time. 

Also, you can interrupt them at this point to throw them off guard. When a cheater is explaining a fact, intervene with a question like “okay, and what did you say or do before that?” If the cheater becomes flustered or struggles to remember, you’ve caught him in a lie. 

4- Trap them:

You don’t have to be aggressive to make your partner trip up. There’s an easy way to trap him if he has chosen to lie to your face. It’s not uncommon for cheaters to justify their absences or strange behavior by involving friends or family. “I was late because I was with John, you know how it is.”

Speaking of that, check this article out later on facts and personality traits all cheaters share so that you know what you’re up against.

So, when you’re confronting him, trap him by questioning him about incorrect details. For example, when he’s sharing a fact, you can intervene by saying, “yeah, that time you said you were having a drink with Patrick, right?” He will be so busy building a lie, he won’t even notice that you changed the name of the friend he first used for his lie. 

5- Invade his space a little:

Being empathetic and gentle may work, but some people don’t respond to that. If your partner is one of those people, you might have to invade his space a little and turn up the heat to get him to confess. It’s not about getting aggressive or violent, it’s about making him sweat a little. 

Get a little bit closer, whether by leaning across the table, taking a step, or bringing your chair closer. Also, maintain eye contact and keep an unreadable face. These subtle changes in your behavior will switch the dynamic.

If he feels like he’s losing control, he may give in. Check out the article on how to confront a cheater if you gathered enough evidence and information to know for a fact that he cheated and you want to move to the next stage.

6- Act like you already know everything:

If you have weak evidence and you’re still not 100% certain he’s cheating, act like you already know everything to speed things along. Pick a quiet and calm time to start the conversation by saying “I know what you’re doing” or “I think it’s time to talk about [name of the person he’s cheating with]” and it will throw him off guard. 

He won’t see it coming so he won’t have anywhere to hide, and he might as well come clean. This is called bluffing and it’s a great way to get your partner to admit that they’re cheating. However, this only works when you already have a little information at least about what he’s been doing. 


If you’re wondering how to get him to admit he cheated and how to do it in a smart sly way then follow the steps above. It’s all about keeping your cool until he confesses instead of losing control and screaming in his face.

Yes, being cheated on hurts like hell and it is enraging. You can check this article later to see how being cheated on might change you forever. So, if you want to get the truth out of him and avoid further pain, you need to be patient. 

These tactics will help you get the truth out of him if you already suspect him or have some proof. Confrontations are never easy, but the closure you get out of them is what makes them worth it. 

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