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How to get an ex back from a rebound?

How to get an ex back from a rebound?

Sometimes, we regret our decision about breaking up with our partner, and it doesn’t take us long to try to act right and win them back. This is no easy task because of the many hard feelings that might be involved. However, it could get even more difficult if your ex appears to have moved on and is in a rebound relationship.

This usually happens shortly after the break-up because your ex might be feeling the need to move on, as quickly as possible. They find someone with whom they can share their feelings and not feel lonely and they jump onto the next best thing, or what they think it is. But in this case, it may still be possible to get your ex back. Below you will see some tips on how to do that.

1. Find out what could be putting your ex at a distance:

We’ve established that your ex is in a rebound relationship, and if you don’t act quickly, that relationship could turn into something more serious and meaningful. That’s why you should take a deep assessment of yourself, and think about the mistakes you did in the past that were, most definitely your fault.

It’s hard to change habits and behaviors, so this will have to be an active effort. Think about all the things your ex told you that they didn’t like about you and how you can change them. 

This is not about becoming an entirely new person. Never forget that the person you are with should love you for who you are. However, we all have flaws and some are worse than others, so it’s up to us to improve ourselves, be it for ourselves or another person.

2. Learn what you can improve about yourself:

Now that you know what you should avoid doing in the relationship, try to think about the positive things about yourself. Why did your ex fall in love with you, at first? What did they always compliment you for? These are the things you should try to remember and bring to the surface.

Essentially, you will want to show your ex what they have been missing and prove to them that you’re trying to be a better version of yourself more consistently. Show them how your future behavior will only strengthen your relationship and give them a sense of belonging by reminding them of your sweet moments together.

3. Don’t underestimate the person your ex is with:

Once you know that your ex is with someone, you might tend to underestimate them. You think about all the time your relationship lasted and are confident that there’s nothing your ex’s rebound could do to erase those good memories. That’s true to some extent.

At first, your ex might think of their new relationship as a temporary thing, especially if they are hoping to get back to you as well. However, if you let things run their course and wait around for too much time, you might be giving a chance for your ex to start putting those memories on a shelf. 

You need to act but shouldn’t panic too much either. Although you should not directly tell your ex this, you are aware that a rebound relationship doesn’t last long. They might be aware of that fact too, but if you confront them with that, they might feel that their pride was hurt and try to prove to you wrong and stay longer with their new partner.

Fortunately for you, the new person your ex is with probably knows that they got out of a relationship very recently. People who date others that just got out of a break-up recently are aware that it may come at a cost. They know that their new partner might not be completely over their previous relationship, so they tend to see their relationship as casual too.

4. Learn what the rebound person is doing wrong:

You already know what to improve in yourself and that’s good, but it’s time to learn what you can do to improve the relationship. You might get more chances than you think to see your ex and their rebound more often than you think.

While it may hurt seeing your ex with another person, use this as an opportunity to assess their dynamic. Try to see what your ex is not happy with, within their new relationship and make mental notes to not repeat the same mistake. Try to subtly point out that, if you were still together, some of those things would never happen.

It may not work immediately, but it will make your ex think that your relationship is worth it and how it will be if you got back together.

5. Don’t be overbearing:

You only catch flies with vinegar and that applies to your ex. You need to strategize when and how you interact with them. Don’t make them feel pressured, especially if they are dating another person.

Instead, try to portray yourself as someone easy to talk to and spend more time together. If you’re constantly approaching your ex, they may be annoyed at you and try to stay away from you.

You can also check out this article for the boundaries that you can set for being friends with your ex since that’s your only option for now.

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