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How to get a shy guy to make a move in 5 steps?

How to get a shy guy to make a move in 5 steps?

We’ve all been there: we see a guy we’re interested in and we want him to make the first move. But what do you do if that guy seems shy or hesitant?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In today’s article, we will give you some tips on how to get a shy guy to make a move. Trust us, it’s easier than you think!

How to make a shy guy make a move?

1. Make good eye contact:

Having good eye contact with a shy guy is incredibly important. You need to remember that shy people are experts at putting up walls between themselves and other people. This helps them avoid having to interact and socialize with extroverts. Because of this, you have to measure this guy’s level of comfort and see to what extent he will allow you to stare deep into his soul before he turns his eyes away.

If you feel like he is relaxed and opening up to you more, you may start prolonging direct eye contact, especially when it’s his turn to speak. He will interpret this as you being completely interested in what he has to say, and possibly interested in him.

If you notice that he is making direct eye contact with you during your conversations it’s a good sign that should tell you that he is getting more comfortable expressing himself around you, which is not a given for shy people or introverts.

It’s important to know when to take a break from making eye contact with a shy guy. He might still feel the need of having his wall up from time to time.

What you should try is finding the right time to look away from him, pretending that you are observing the environment around you or other people, but after a few seconds look back at him directly in the eyes again. This will make him gain a little confidence again and give him confirmation that you are not finding him boring.

2. Smile at him as many times as you want:

Shy people usually appreciate silence more than other people, so don’t feel the need to fill in the silence all the time. If you see that he’s so focused on telling you something, instead of interrupting him with your opinion or complementary argument, simply draw a smile at him.

When shy people get interrupted mid-sentence, they struggle to bring the conversation back to them or pick it up from where they left it before they got interrupted. Shy people might think it’s rude to interrupt the other person so they usually don’t do that and might start overthinking that no one finds them interesting if it’s done to them.

To avoid the guy you’re interested in feeling like you don’t care about what he says, be extra careful to wait until he has finished speaking, and only then comment on what he had to say. To make him feel comfortable with you, smile at him to encourage him to keep going.

If he tells you a joke or a funny comment, don’t hesitate to laugh, as he will gain more confidence to let his walls and guard down around you. This is because he will know that you appreciate his personality, understand him, and probably don’t think he’s’ a weirdo.

3. Use body language in your favor:

If you’re interested in a shy guy, you know that words aren’t his biggest attribute. If you tell him directly that you are interested in him, it might scare him off and not give him enough courage to ask you out, even if he wants to.

So, you should use other methods to signal that you are interested in him. One very good way in which you can do this is by displaying a few unconscious love signals, on purpose.

You can also work on your body language like making sure that all your body is turned in his direction when he’s talking, to show that you are only focused on him. Touching his arm or his hand is also good, but don’t do it for long periods, as it might make him uncomfortable.

Touch him enough times just for your touch to be a sign of reassurance and to make him see how good your support and presence can feel. You also need to choose your timing right. Don’t touch him out of the blue, but only if he’s sharing deep feelings with you or telling an exciting story. 

You should also try offering him a hug when you meet him and when you say goodbye. All of this will start to sink into his subconscious making him progressively more comfortable with your touch and more familiarized to it.

4. Don’t bring to his attention that you’ve noticed he’s shy:

Trust us, a shy person is very aware that they are shy. They have been hearing about this all their lives and struggled with it too.

If you pretend that you didn’t notice this aspect of his character, then it could make him think that he has gained confidence in himself. This, in turn, will help him to have conversations with you and even take the initiative to ask you out. He will feel like the person he always wanted to be when he is with you.

5. Flirt with him through texts:

For shy people, speaking through text is much easier, unless one of you has another problem which is being a dry texter. In this case, being a dry texter can be remedied, if you follow the tips listed in this article.

In general, though, shy people are calmer, more precise, and more chatty via texts because they’re sitting at home comfortably and thinking properly. If you just met a shy guy, don’t try to go out with him immediately.

Try to break the ice via text first until you start seeing his fun and relaxed side. Only then, will he be able to ask you out with full confidence. You can also check this guide out on how to date as an introvert.

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