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How to friendzone someone in 6 steps?

How to friendzone someone in 6 steps?

The necessity to “friendzone” a person stems from the importance of avoiding being lured or forced somehow or even ending up in a romantic relationship with a person we are not attracted to. Also when we friendzone someone, there’s a shared and silent agreement of all parties involved on the fact that they’ll only ever be friends.

In this case, they won’t ever put the other person and themselves in an awkward situation like asking for a date or confessing their love, etc. Especially, when the other person knows very well that there’s no chance in hell that they’d ever date them or see them in that way.

Once someone is put in the friendzone, it makes it easier for the person that put them there to enjoy their friendship with that person without worry.

It’s true that if you’re friend-zoned by someone you like, you might be feeling frustrated and wondering how to get out of that little box you were put in to stay forever. But, that’s probably a topic for another day. For now, we’ll teach you how to friendzone someone so they never build any hope of having something more than friendship with you, nor give you any headaches.

How to friendzone someone easily:

1- Refer to them as “your friend” or “best friend” all the time:

It’s important to remind them as often as you can that you’re just friends, by referring to them as such. If you remind them that you’re just friends, they’ll be less likely to get the wrong idea and start developing feelings for you.

You can also explicitly and nonchalantly let them know the relationship is platonic while joking or talking. This will help to reinforce the idea in their head that you are just friends and nothing more.

2- Remind them of the importance of their friendship:

Friendship is a really important thing. It’s the foundation of so many other relationships. Friends can be your support system, they can be your family, and they can even be your ride-or-die accomplice.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of work, school, and life, but we can’t forget about our friendships. Friendships are the one thing that will always be there for us no matter what happens in life.

Some will argue that a friend is a lot better than a romantic partner, especially in the early years of life when we only date for fun and not to stay with that person for life. In that case, a friend has more potential to last for a lifetime compared to a romantic partner.

So make your friend-zoned special someone understand this and appreciate your friendship, rather than crib about not being able to get more out of you.

3- Talk about how you appreciate that they have no “hidden intentions”:

This is the classic move of saying “thanks you’re the only person I can trust, I love that your heart is pure and you have no hidden intentions…”. Obviously, everyone knows that the reason something like this is even mentioned is to discourage them from ever showing any other intentions they might have.

This is a famous way of saying “please don’t have any hidden intentions ever or attempts to run out of the friendzone”, without actually saying it.

4- Talk to them about your dates and the people you find attractive:

Talk to them about your dates, the people you love, and any crushes you have on others. in fact, if they’re truly your friend then this is a natural thing to do.

If they listen to you, help you get the attention of your love interest, or tell you what to do next regarding your little romantic adventures then they’re a great friend. Not only that, but at this point, they’re clearly a friend that understands that they will be in the friend zone forever.

They might also be a very good friend, in this case. One who will tell you when you’re wrong, who will comfort you when you’re down, and who will celebrate with you in your moments of victory.

5- Don’t give them any false hope:

Regardless of anything we mentioned earlier if someone is gullible enough they might not get the hints and still imply wanting more than a friendship.

In this case, and when someone starts to show interest in you, it’s important to let them know that you don’t want anything more than friendship. You need to be clear about what your intentions are and what they should expect from the relationship. This way, there is no misunderstanding and the other person will not have any false hope for the future.

So never say things like “I am not ready for a relationship right now” because that will make it sound like you may become ready in the near future. This will only give them hopes and dreams and will only hurt your friendship, especially because you know for a fact you’re not interested in them in that way.

6- Don’t lead them on:

In the end, Friendzoning is a term that is used to describe when someone you’d like to keep strictly as a friend tries to be more or implies wanting to become your romantic partner. It can happen when you do not make your intentions clear, or if you are too slow to tell them that you are interested.

For this reason, never hesitate to clearly state what your intentions and expectations of the relationship are. It’s better to clarify things even if you thought your friend didn’t mean anything rather than be sorry later.

So if you were wondering how to tell someone you just want to be friends without hurting their feelings, then we hope that we’ve got the right answer now!

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