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How to forgive forget & leave the past in the past?

How to forgive forget & leave the past in the past?

We have this idea of how we think our past should be, but the truth is, it’s not always what we would’ve wanted it to be. So to get rid of your past, you have to stop living in it.

It’s time to put the past where it belongs, in the past. Start being present and living in the moment. Keep moving forward with your life instead of looking back on what was. We all go and create our own beautiful memories at the same point.

Memories that don’t involve our past at all but even though they may be amazing, sometimes they’re not good enough to keep us from moving forward with life today or tomorrow.”

Learning how to forget about your past is one of the most important lessons you will learn in life. How to forget about a traumatic experience or injustice done to you and stop yourself from holding a grudge that will harm you and weigh heavy on your heart a lot more than it could ever affect the person to blame for the bad experience, in the first place.

1) How to forgive, forget and move on?

In this section, we will discuss how to forget the past and what strategies we can use to do so.

Many of us have faced a particular situation where we need to forget the past. This could be for a number of reasons such as you want to forgive and forget, or you want to move on with your life and not be stuck in the past.

There are many ways that we can try and forget the past. One way is by trying to think about it less; another way is by replacing what would remind us of our bad memories with something better.

-How to get rid of bad memories?

Do you want to get rid of your memories? If so, you can go ahead and try to erase them. Here are some steps on how to forget the past:

1. Consider why you want to forget the past.

2. Find a subject that is a better alternative for your entire memory history.

3. Replace all the memories in your head with new memories from the replacement subject.

4. Recognize what you feel about these memories.

5. Think about what you could do differently if you had a chance to live through those memories again.

6. Think about how your future will be different if you don’t allow yourself to be controlled by these memories.

7. Expose yourself in a gradual way to reminders of your past life in order to make the switch less difficult for both you and other people in your life who know or knew of you before this change took place.

8. Go to the places where the bad memories took place in the past and replace them with better ones with your loved ones.

9. Develop new habits and interests which will eventually replace old ones over time too.

2) Why you should forget with caution:

When we talk about forgetting the past, it can be a difficult thing. We have a lot of memories that we want to hold onto and cherish. But sometimes, knowing that you will never see someone again or that a place is no longer there, can make it easier for us to let go of those memories.

We should not try to erase our entire history from our minds because it’s important for us to remember what has happened in order for us to grow as an individual. In other words, our experiences shape who we are and how we behave now so forgetting them all would only cause problems later on down the line.

3) Why you shouldn’t let it worsen:

It is common for people to feel some type of trauma after a catastrophic event. These bad memories can stay with them for the rest of their lives and be triggered by any mention of the event or similar topics to it.

The research is done on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has shown that there are some common symptoms of this disorder, including flashbacks, nightmares, and difficulty sleeping. PTSD is usually treated using psychotherapy or medication.

-How to heal from traumatic events?

What should one do after a traumatic experience? This section briefly discusses what to do after a trauma that cannot be forgotten and causes PTSD, in order to help reduce the symptoms. For those who are currently experiencing symptoms of PTSD, the following steps can be taken:

1. Engage in pleasant activities to distract one’s mind from the event they experienced.

2. Reach out for support from friends and family members or seek professional counseling or therapy if needed.

3. Practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation.

4. Develop healthy coping skills by talking about their feelings with someone close, taking care of themselves, and setting limits with others when needed. And, avoid becoming overwhelmed with too much stress in their lives that might trigger them into a flashback or panic attack.

4) Before you bury the past make them pay:

It is easy to hold on to anger and resentment and to let these feelings and thoughts control us and dominate our life. But the truth is, we cannot let abusers get away with hurting us.

We need to bring justice to ourselves by reporting them to the appropriate authorities if the crime is punishable by law. And, if not we need to forget and try to forgive them in order to free ourselves from these toxic memories.

Bottom line:

In order to forgive an abusive person, we need first of all to take responsibility for our own pain. It is not everyone’s fault that we are feeling hurt or angry or that something bad happened in our life. It is ours because we allowed it in our present and did not let it belong to the past.

Forgiving the abusers and moving on does not mean that you approve of what they did, accept it or understand it, it could instead mean that you choose healing rather than suffering.

When forgiving is not possible then healing and forgetting to some extent is very recommended. So try to forget and live in the present and stay in control of your emotions and thoughts.

Do not entertain toxic memories in your head or let them haunt you because they will only hurt you and not affect the abusers in any way, as they’re away and unthreatened by your own torment and pain which almost gives them the power to hurt you once again in this way.

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