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How to forget about her instantly in 5 easy steps?

How to forget about her instantly in 5 easy steps?

There are many different reasons why you might want to forget about a girl. Maybe things didn’t work out but you still have feelings for her. Perhaps you had a relationship with her and things ended. Or it’s possible that she treated you badly and you need to move on. 

Whatever your motivation may be, it’s not easy to forget about someone. When you like a girl, she’s always on your mind and things often remind you of her. That can be challenging to overcome. However, it is possible! 

If you want to forget about her instantly, today we bring you 5 easy steps that will help you let go. 

5 Easy Steps to Forget About a Girl:

1. Consider Journaling:

Before you focus on forgetting her, you need to heal. You likely have many things to say to her or about her, first. If that’s the case, we recommend you journal about it or write her a letter that she’ll never receive. This is for you, not for her. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to sit down with yourself and be very vulnerable. Write about everything. The way you feel, what happened between you two, and why you want to forget all about her. In essence, be honest about what’s going on in your mind. 

Writing things down can be cathartic and if you’re a private person, it’s a lot easier than talking to someone about it. Though we also recommend you do that. Either way, expressing your feelings and getting things off your chest is a crucial step toward forgetting and letting go. 

2. Prioritize Yourself:

When we like someone, we tend to make everything about them. We focus on getting to know them and they become the center of our attention. Well, if you want to forget about a girl, you need to bring the focus back to you. Make yourself the priority and keep yourself busy. 

Focus on the things you like and dedicate time to what you enjoy most. Spend more time with friends and family, go on walks, jump back into forgotten hobbies, get a new video game, watch your favorite movies, etc. If you focus on yourself, you’ll have less time or desire to think about the girl at all. Eventually, she will be just a memory. 

3. Kick Her Out of Your Mind:

It’s nearly impossible to forget about someone if you’re always seeing them or talking about them. Granted, you can rant to someone about what happened and get it all out. But once that’s done, you need to remove them from your mind and life. Whether that’s temporary or permanent is up to you. 

Remove them from social media so you don’t see them on your feed and avoid coinciding with them in person. If you have friends in common that can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Additionally, ask people not to talk to you about her. You don’t want to know what’s going on with her, you want to focus on yourself.

4. Avoid Walking Down Memory Lane:

If you want to forget about her quickly, you need to stop walking down memory lane. Avoid going places or doing things that remind you of her. Even if that means you have to sacrifice a favorite spot for now. 

Remember, it’s not about her anymore. Now you have to focus on yourself, so spend your time trying new things and going to new places. Additionally, get rid of her things. If you still have reminders of her in your room, for example, it’s time to take them out. 

5. Surround Yourself With People You Love:

Forgetting about a girl is a process that you shouldn’t go through on your own. Though it’s important to have time for yourself, remember to also spend time with the people you love. When you’re alone, you often think about the things that matter. 

She used to be one of those things, so she may pop up in your head. That’s why you shouldn’t be alone too often, initially. If you are, keep your mind busy and healthy. Read good books, watch your favorite shows, practice your favorite sport, etc. 

When we focus on a girl, we tend to neglect our friendships or other relationships, or even family members. If that was the case for you, it’s time to reconnect. Organize a family board game night or a barbecue, invite your friends over or go out together, etc. What matters is that you spend quality time with the people you love!


Forgetting a person that used to be important to you can take time, but following these steps will make things a bit easier.

It may not seem possible right now, but a few weeks from now, we promise you won’t think about her as often as you do today! Remember: time heals all wounds, including ugly and heartbreaking breakups.

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