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Finding love during/ after the coronavirus lockdown

Finding love during/ after the coronavirus lockdown

After the coronavirus spread across the world, love became a luxury for many and people had to find new workarounds for romance. One of them is using dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to find love after a global pandemic, then this article is for you!

We’ve gathered all of our best tips about finding love in today’s world so that you can go out there and find your match. There are a lot of options – from dating websites to apps – so we’ve made sure to cover all of them to help you in your quest.

How long does it take to find love?

First, we need to understand that love is something that takes time to develop. It’s not as easy as finding someone on Tinder or going on a blind date.

It takes time for people to get to know each other and develop feelings for one another. We should not think of this process as a race or competition against others but rather see it as a journey in which we can learn a lot about our love interests and about ourselves too.

Online dating and love:

It is not easy to find love in the modern world. However, recent research conducted by a dating website called “The Dating Ring” reveals that people are finding love faster than ever before.

The study shows that 74% of people have found their partner or significant other in the last year, compared to just 54% 10 years ago.

The number of people who have met their partner or significant other on social media has also increased from 20% 10 years ago to 47% today.

While some experts believe that this is due to an increase in daters and increased use of online dating platforms, some say it could be because of changes in culture and society as a whole.

How technology changed dating and made love more accessible:

In the world of dating, technology has helped people find love faster and easier.

We’ve taken the pain out of finding romance. We’ve optimized dating profiles, created compatibility tests, and even curated perfect date spots for you to try on your next date. And we’re just getting started!

The opportunities are endless with AI-assisted dating apps. They help people figure out their compatibility by providing a list of similar users in your area, providing content that matches your interests or personality, and even finding your love based on your profile picture!

The app Tinder has been hugely successful in recent years and is now one of the top three most downloaded dating apps on both iOS and Android devices according to app tracking company Sensor Tower 2018. So with all of this in mind, you do not need to worry or lose hope about the possibility of finding love and even in times of a global pandemic.

The effect of coronavirus on the dating scene:

Coronavirus has taken over the role of the matchmaker and is putting an end to the dating market altogether. The viral outbreak has caused most people to stay indoors, effectively shutting down the thriving wedding industry too and leaving thousands of unlucky bachelors and bachelorettes scrambling for love.

The pursuit of joy, pleasure, love, and attraction between two people that live together or are in a committed relationship has also been affected by the lockdown. For couples that have been stuck with each other between four walls during the lockdown, it is inevitable that they found themselves arguing a lot or rediscovering each other flaws.

Some may have even separated due to the change in their routine, frustration, the inability to go out or on dates, and the incapacity to travel or revive their love, since the borders of most countries are literally closed.

The consequences of online dating during the coronavirus pandemic:

Online dating is an easy and convenient way to meet people with similar interests. However, this also leaves people vulnerable to scams and fake profiles.

Consequences of online dating: Online dating has a lot of pros and cons for the people who are involved in it. Some of the pros include meeting people with similar interests and making more friends in general. The cons may include scams, hook-ups, or even finding love but ultimately not feeling fulfilled by the experience.

Some other consequences that online dating has been causing a decline in traditional courtship activities such as getting married or having kids because people find it hard to commit to one person for life when it’s so easy to get a dating app and start swiping for the chance to meet a new love interest. People are addicted to lust and the excitement that new relationships bring on, so it is harder for them to commit and be content for an extended period of time with only one person.

Also, some consequences of online dating that are specific to the present day and the coronavirus lockdown could be the fact that you could lose days and months talking to someone and getting to know them, only to find out they are nothing like what you thought when you finally meet in person after the lockdown.

For this reason, you have to be careful and realize that not everything you see online is exactly the same in person or in real life and some people may lead you on for months with no problem out of pure boredom.

How to try online dating safely during the lockdown?

This is why online dating can be a good help to find love even in a difficult time such as a global pandemic. However, you have to respect the following rules to make sure that you’re protected at all times and that you’re doing it the right way:

– Be selective and know what you want!

-Ask to see the person in a camera call often to make sure that they’re who they say they are!

– Find potential partners through the site’s search function rather than swiping/clicking through profiles manually.

– Don’t reveal too much information about yourself on your profile or send personal messages or texts to anyone you don’t know well yet.

– Be careful at all times when interacting with strangers.

-Video calls are fine as mentioned above but refrain from sending videos that they can keep on their phone as these can be published or spread online.

– If you’re not interested in any of the people who show interest in you, delete your account.

Bottom line:

Online dating is becoming more and more mainstream, but there is a trade-off in terms of risks involved with using this type of dating. The most common risks that arise for people include cyberbullying, fake profiles, facial recognition, and scams.

Nonetheless, online dating has more benefits than it has downsides. It allows people to be in contact with people they would not have met otherwise, helps in finding true love, and could even help you to find your soulmate.

And it can be handy for people during a global pandemic like the coronavirus one because it will help some combat loneliness and depression; when they cannot get out of their homes for months on end.

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