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How to fight for someone you love in 6 ways?

How to fight for someone you love in 6 ways?

Relationships aren’t always easy. Things often get tough and you have to choose between fighting for the person you love or leaving the relationship behind. If you’ve chosen to fight but you don’t know where to start, today we will show you how to fight for someone you love in 5 different ways. 

If you’re ready to fight for the one you love, it means you want to give the relationship your best. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll know you did everything in your power to save it.

Sometimes things just don’t work out, but you can do your best to try and make sure that they do. 

6 Ways to fight for someone you Love:

1. Be there at their worst:

You know your partner or friend at their best, but something happened that tore them apart and they’re having a really rough time managing it.

As a result, they’re not acting like the person you know. Maybe they’re more emotional, confused, they’re constantly lashing out at the people who care about them, or they’re making awful choices. 

Whatever the case may be, you need to be there at their worst to help them through it. We’re not saying you should allow them to treat you badly, what we’re saying is that you should provide the emotional support they need and give them the benefit of the doubt.

If they choose not to accept your support in the end, at least you tried and you were there when no one else was. 

2. Do your best :

If your relationship is going through a rough patch and you’re not seeing eye to eye, which is causing friction, it’s important to have a conversation about it. Explore what’s going on together and lay it all on the table.

Once you do that, take the initiative and be clear about what you’re willing to do on your end to make things better. Relationships are all about compromise, but it has to go both ways. If your partner or friend has explained that they feel like you’re never there for them, make the effort to change.

If they say that you’re not treating them how they deserve, hear them out, accept your flaws, and do your best to work on them. In short, do your best to make sure the relationship has a shot to get through this. 

3. Encourage open and honest communication:

Communication is one of the pillars of any healthy relationship. However, if you’ve been neglecting that, it’s time to make a change. Taking care of the bond you share with this person means that you have to be open and honest about how you feel. If you’ve been bottling things up, they will notice and they will start to shut down as well. 

If the communication between you has left a lot to be desired, take the first step. Sit down and talk about whatever’s going on openly and honestly. Stop holding things back from them. If they’re the ones holding things back from you, let them know that you’re there and you want to listen to them. 

4. Use techniques and strategies you built up together:

Every relationship uses tools and strategies of their own, to get through issues. Disagreements are bound to happen, but they don’t have to turn into something bigger than they are.

Prevent that from happening by building ways together and setting up rules for how to deal with difficulties. For example, try to solve issues when they come up instead of letting them fester. Promise to be open and honest with each other at all times, promise to listen to each other, and compromise when needed.

It’s not uncommon for small or silly issues to snowball into something out of your control. Prevent that from happening by setting ground rules and making the effort of following them even when it’s hard. 

5. Seek help rather than be quick to dump your partner:

If the situation has gotten out of your control and you can’t find the way out of it, seek help. Many couples break up without ever having gotten counseling or tried couple’s therapy. These couples are too quick to call it quits when they didn’t even try every possible “remedy”.

So acknowledge that you can’t do what it takes alone and find someone who can help, whether that’s a therapist or a counselor. Everyone has limits and fighting for someone you love also means that you have to accept those limits and find the help you need to overcome them. 

This is not only good for you, but it will also be good for the relationship. If you feel like you need to seek help together, that’s also an option. You just need to be willing to do the work. That’s the only way you’ll get the results you want out of the process. 

6. Don’t let anyone get between you and your partner:

If you’re in love, and you know that it’s worth fighting for then do just that: fight for it! Don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your partner. And, don’t let anyone make you doubt yourselves or your relationship. Trust is key in any relationship, but it’s especially important when things are tough.

Make a vow to one another that even if you ever separate then it will only be because of something your partner did or a dealbreaker and not because of a third party.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with each other. Talk about what’s going on, and what’s bothering you, and work through it together. Be each other’s biggest supporters. Fight for each other and with each other. Don’t give up on each other or on your relationship for the sake of anything or anyone. Love is worth fighting for.


Fighting for someone you love is never easy. It’s challenging and, sometimes, it’s hard work. However, it’s worth it if it means that you can continue having this special person in your life!

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