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How to end an argument over text in few steps?

How to end an argument over text in few steps?

In today’s modern age, we are constantly connecting via social media. We text others all day and that’s how we keep in touch. Though online communication is convenient and powerful, especially when we lead busy lives or can’t see each other as often as we’d like, it does have its disadvantages. 

Via text, it’s a lot easier to get into a misunderstanding because there’s no tone. Everything you say is up for the other person’s interpretation, so one thing can lead to another. When you’re arguing over text, things can escalate super quickly. 

That’s because there’s a lot of room for misunderstanding. Arguments over text get drawn out and they can suck all your energy right up. The best thing you can do when an argument gets out of hand is to end it and meet in person if possible or jump on a call to resolve the issue. 

If you keep going and going, you’ll both write things you don’t mean and cause great damage to the relationship. Here are a few tips on how to end an argument over text and stop the madness!

How to End an Argument Over Text 

1- Acknowledge their points but reinforce your right to speak your mind:

Saying “I agree with this and that, but I also needed to speak my mind” is a great way to end an argument over text. It will give the other person a pause because you’re acknowledging and respecting what they’re saying.

More often than not, arguments via text stem from feeling like; the other person is not seeing your side of things. So, assure them that you do; it can make a big difference.

2- Express your feelings:

When arguments over text get a little heated, it can be difficult to express your feelings. However, that could be exactly what the conversation needs to settle down.

Remind this person that you love them and that you hate fighting with them. There’s no need to fight to resolve an issue. So, whatever it is, you can work it out together with love and kindness. 

3- Admit when you’ve lost your temper:

Hey, you’re not made of rock! It’s not uncommon to lose your temper about something. This is often a trigger for arguments over text and in person. So, if you want to end the fighting, you have to be the bigger person and admit your mistake.

If you lost your temper, admit it and give an honest apology. Doing this will make the other person admit to their own flaws and faults. It will also help you both keep yourselves in check so you can have a conversation. 

4- Ask for a reset:

When the argument is over something silly or if it’s entirely unnecessary, you can ask for a reset. “It’s so silly that we’re fighting over this, can we have a do-over? This is not how I want to resolve this.”

Saying that can do wonders and it can turn the whole thing around. The other person will have a second to think about what you’re arguing about and realize you’re right, it is silly and you should start over. 

5- Just say you’re sorry when you have to:

One of the best ways to end an argument over text is to say you’re sorry if something you did or said started a fight in the first place. Saying you’re sorry when you have to is a lot better than providing excuses and invalidating the other person’s feelings.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you have something to apologize for. Everyone makes mistakes; you just have to acknowledge them and move forward. 

6- Recognize when an outburst is about something else:

We all have bad days sometimes. Everything seems to go wrong and you can’t get anything right, so you’ve been building up negative emotions throughout the day. If something in the conversation triggers you, it’s not uncommon to misdirect your feelings to another person.

They can do the same as well. If the argument stems out of a build-up from other stuff in your life, it’s important to recognize that and let the other person know. Apologize for your outburst and explain the kind of day or time you’ve been having. You were unable to manage your emotions; it happens!

Check this article out on how to manage your anger better in an argument, if you think you have anger issues that push you to make silly and small issues into bigger ones.


When you’re in the middle of an argument over text, it can seem never-ending. These arguments always have the potential to snowball into something bigger than it has to be. If you want to stop that from happening, you can stop the argument in its tracks. 

If nothing seems to work and the other person has an intent to fight over text, you have a right to remove yourself from the conversation. If nothing productive is coming out of it and the other person doesn’t quit, say goodbye and they can reach out when they’ve calmed down. It’s as simple as that!

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