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How to end a long-distance relationship?

How to end a long-distance relationship?

The internet has made our lives easier. It has given us the opportunity to be in contact with people from all over the world, and it’s allowed us to create relationships that would have been impossible before. But it also allowed long-distance relationships to flourish, which can be difficult because of the distance between the two partners.

People often ask themselves if they should end a long-distance relationship because of this or because of the many other factors in play. So if you decided that it’s not worth it, keep reading and we’ll guide you on how you can end your long-distance relationship with ease.

How to end a long-distance relationship in a few steps:

1- See if it can be fixed:

First of all, you need to have a frank talk with your partner about the future of the relationship.

If the entire issue in your relationship is the “long-distance” part, then double-check if it can be solved. If he or she is not willing to move closer to you, then it is better for both of you to end the relationship. If you two have no vision about your future and how you ever going to be closer, then it is a big issue obviously.

If your partner agrees to have a real plan with dates and goals, then it is time for you to start thinking about the logistics. You will need to find an apartment near your partner’s place or find one near yours for your partner, and make sure that both your parents and friend are okay with this decision.

If your partner makes excuses and wants to lead you on and waste your time, youth, energy, and efforts for more months or years without having a realistic plan, be careful.

2- Don’t cling to false hope:

If you are in a long-distance relationship, it can be hard to navigate the challenges that come with it. If you try to break up but your partner has a different opinion, it can be hard. There is always the temptation to cling to false hope and stay in the relationship when you know deep down that it’s not going anywhere.

It can be hard to let go of someone who granted: might live far away from you, but means so much too. Long-distance relationships can sometimes be tricky and seem more intense than they could be in real life so check this article out to see the reasons for us.

So stay alert, and focused, and if you decide to end things don’t change your mind unless you’re offered a clear plan with dates about when the long-distance situation will change. If you keep clinging on to the relationship and trying to make things work when they won’t, then it will only end up wasting years of your life.

3- Be honest about your intentions to end things:

Ending a long-distance relationship is not always easy. It is hard to maintain the same level of emotional intimacy when you are not able to see each other face-to-face on a regular basis. But, what’s harder is to decide to confront someone you love and tell them about your decision to end things.

If you’re even reading this article, then you’re a good person to some extent. That’s because you have decided to end things openly and be honest about it, no matter how clumsy or clueless you might be when it comes to how to do that.

Some people would’ve chosen to ghost their partner and cut them off that way. Especially since long-distance relationships are characterized by having a large distance separate both partners and it will be close to impossible for them to show up and confront you about your ghosting any time soon. In fact, they will be forced to understand what has happened after some time and simply move on.

Obviously, this is a horrible thing to do as the other person may worry and even book a flight to see you or ask for a police welfare check on you. It is never a good thing to leave things hanging rather than break up with the person, even if it’s very hard to do. So make sure you’re very clear about your intentions to end things and break up with them before you cut contact.

4- Cut them off completely:

You’ll have to cut them off completely if you want to be successful in ending the relationship. This means no contact whatsoever. It’s not easy, but it is worth it in the end. If you stay in touch then what’s the point of the breakup anyway? Because chances are you’ll be talking and doing exactly what was done while in a relationship.

The other person in a long-distance relationship may not be at fault or to blame for the breakup. They may be confused as to what they did wrong and want to contact you every once in a while to ask questions or guilt-trip you.

So the breakup shouldn’t be about who’s at fault. It should be made clear that it’s a clear decision and that they’re free from any commitment or promises they made to you, as of the day of the breakup.

It is not easy for people to cut themselves off completely from someone they love, but it is necessary for their mental health in the long run. Staying in touch can stop you from moving on and will make things messy very quickly in a long-distance relationship.

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