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How to differentiate between love and lust?

How to differentiate between love and lust?

It is a known fact that when two people are in a relationship, they begin to develop feelings for one another. Sometimes, this is done on the basis of looks and physical gestures and is referred to as lust rather than love.

As technology has advanced, dating apps such as Tinder have contributed to more people going for looks and to less focus on personality, interests, values, and compatibility. This has made a lot more marriages take place quicker than before and also fail quickly, unfortunately.

As technology continues to advance, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay focused on one person or form a deeper connection with them. They are also constantly on their phones or watching TV which contributes to them being disconnected from the world and from their partner.

Dating apps are not necessarily just playing a negative role in our lives. In fact, with their help, people are most likely to find someone that could potentially be the entire package, which means that they will be their type physically and also have all the personality traits and values that will make them a 100% successful match.

When this happens and with the right use of technology and elimination of lust, we can all end up in happy long-term relationships and have fulfilling fruitful and romantic experiences.

Is it love or lust?

Love is a feeling that is not entirely rational and cannot be explained. It is usually associated with the idea of being inseparable and the feeling of high levels of trust. Lust, on the other hand, is a desire to have sex without any intention to build a relationship or marry.

– Can lust turn into love?

Yes, it is very possible for lust to turn into love or for love to start with lust. This is an ideal scenario because this would mean that the couple has high compatibility and didn’t lose interest after having enough of each other and enough physical relationships with one another.

When lust turns into love, the feelings become more positive and deeper and less negative or artificial, causing both people involved in the relationship to be happy with what they have found in each other.

– Does love start with lust?

If lust turns into love then there’s a high chance that on top of finding your partner attractive, you also like their thinking, values, and beliefs and you have found yourself getting along like a house on fire outside of the physical attraction and on a deeper level.

While lust might be the first phase of love, it won’t last forever. Lust needs to be reeled back in and turned into a love to continue the relationship.

Lust is a natural human instinct and it’s a common feeling that most of us get in our life. It is a strong attraction or sexual desire for someone. On the other hand, love is an emotion that develops slowly over time and it’s not always physical.

– Should love always result in a marriage?

Love doesn’t mean you have to be married to be in a committed relationship. In fact, marriage hasn’t always been the standard way for people to find love. Some couples find love without ever stepping into a church or getting legally married.

However, an ideal scenario would be to fall in love before marriage and then experience different levels of love as time passes. In this case, marriage and sharing different life experiences together as a couple as time goes by will only make your bond stronger.

– Can lust result in a marriage?

On the other hand, lust that results in marriages but never turns into love can almost guarantee that the marriage would fail. A marriage based on feelings of lust or artificial desires will not work in most cases because looks fade and there’s always a risk of one of the partners cheating or feeling lust for the next attractive person that appears in their life.

In fact; you should be careful when with someone who is with you because of lust. This means that person is very susceptible to cheating in the future. That’s because that person can easily feel lust for anyone else again in the future since lust is not as hard to capture or create as love is.

In fact, lust is an intense, passionate feeling that causes a person to feel compelled to do things they normally would not do or say things they usually would not say. Lust can cause people to make poor decisions like cheating on their partner or lying about their feelings.

Bottom line:

Love is a feeling of intense desire for the well-being of the other person. On the other hand, lust is an intense and unquenchable sexual craving, usually for an individual of the opposite sex.

The problem is that lust is the physical and emotional attraction towards a partner, which is why it is often confused with love. However, lust is usually short-lived and doesn’t last long.

Love, on the other hand, is more than just physical attraction towards someone else. It’s also a sense of security, intimacy, and commitment.

Differentiating between lust and love can help us make an educated decision about our relationships because it may help us avoid bad commitments or doomed marriages.

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