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How to deal with inexperienced guys at dating?

How to deal with inexperienced guys at dating?

This is a guide on how to deal with guys who are inexperienced at dating in relationships. It will help you understand the mindset of inexperienced guys and what you can do to get yours on track.

So it is important to be patient if you’re dating an inexperienced guy and to show him the ropes by following the steps listed below:

5 steps to dating an inexperienced guy:

1- Guide him slowly and have patience:

Some people like to be led slowly into a relationship, especially if they lack experience. While others prefer jumping right in and moving fast in relationships, the smart choice is to savor and enjoy every phase.

We’re calling it smart because it is proven that fast relationships fail often and the ones that take time to progress have higher chances of lasting. So the fact that your date or partner is inexperienced and needs to be slowly guided is not necessarily a bad thing.

You can use this opportunity not to rush things or pressure him into anything. Guide him slowly, have patience and do things at his pace.

2- Tell him about what you like & don’t like:

The most important thing to know about dating an inexperienced guy is that you have to be honest. If you make excuses and hesitate to say how things are or what you like; then everything will get sticky and complicated fast.

It’s not easy for him to read your mind, so no matter what you say he will take your word for it. He is not accustomed to dating mind games and claiming something when you mean the other. If you keep things ambiguous, he’ll never know what you actually mean or what he’s doing wrong.

So, do not hesitate to guide him in every situation. For instance, if you argued and you’re emotional, instead of asking him to leave you alone, tell him: “I am not feeling good, but you can stay if you want to be supportive”.

If you try to push him away, chances are he won’t wish to overwhelm you or upset you more and he will be pushed away indeed!

3- Don’t talk about your past experiences:

Don’t smother him with stories about that ex or the other. He doesn’t want to learn or gain experience, thinking about being in the arms of someone else. Be more considerate and kind, if he’s dating you and he’s inexperienced then he may start feeling small if you bring up your past experiences all the time.

In the end, he chose you, he is interested in you and he probably took the initiative and approached you which is something he is not used to doing. So spare him the torture of thinking about all your previous partners, how good they were, and how much they got to do with you.

4- Make him feel at ease and comfortable:

When it comes to dating an inexperienced guy, the key is to be yourself. Don’t put on any airs or be someone you’re not. If he’s nervous and shy, then let him know that it’s OK to talk about his feelings and that he doesn’t need to worry about anything because you’ll never judge him for anything.

Create a safe environment for him in the relationship to be able to say what he feels and what he wants, without being scared of judgment or rejection. This can be done by being open with your feelings too and not being afraid to ask for what you want, either.

Yes, it’s not easy to date a guy who doesn’t have much experience in romantic relationships. It can be difficult for him to know how to act or what he should do. But if you make him feel comfortable, you never mock him, make fun of him, judge him, or tell him off for his actions, then he can start taking the initiative more.

He can start daring to do more and be more open so that you two can explore new things, have him dare take the lead at times and have fun with one another.

5- Tell him his inexperience is a strength rather than a weakness:

It’s important to remember that guys who are inexperienced in dating are usually very eager to learn and get better. This makes them even better than those that come into a relationship thinking they know it all, and making wrong assumptions about what their partner wants.

Whenever you get the chance, let him know that that’s exactly how you feel. Tell him that you like the fact that you’re one of his first experiences in dating and relationships too because it makes you special to him regardless of what the future holds for you two.

Be appreciative and worthy of giving him a good time and a good first experience. Making big mistakes or betraying someone who’s inexperienced and genuine in the relationship, can cause a lot of damage and affect them for life.

That’s because they don’t have many good experiences to compare with, so they might react by closing off completely or developing trust issues.

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