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How to deal with being ignored by someone you love?

How to deal with being ignored by someone you love?

When someone you love ignores you, it can be a major blow to your self-esteem. It can make you feel like they don’t care about you anymore.

Whether they are ignoring you because they are unhappy with something in the relationship or because they are feeling overwhelmed and need space, you have to accept it. You can’t force someone not to ignore you and end up fighting with them more or pushing them away further.

That’s why today, we will address the issue of being ignored by someone you love and what you should do about it.

What to do when someone gives you the cold shoulder:

1- Find out the reason for their behavior:

There are a few things that might be going on when someone is giving you the silent treatment. They might be feeling overwhelmed and need some time alone and space too in this case. They might not want to talk about what is bothering them and it might be something personal that has nothing to do with you.

Or, the worst scenario is if they are angry with something you did or said and need a little time before talking about it so that they don’t say anything hurtful in the heat of the moment. In other words, you messed up for sure but don’t worry they won’t ignore you forever. Especially if you try and make amends, or fix whatever it is you’ve done.

In any case, the bottom line is that they have a reason for acting the way they did and you should figure it out and work on fixing things. Obviously, you’re not a mind-reader but sometimes it takes some skill and talent to figure out what it is that our partner didn’t like and that we’ve done.

2- Talk about it and be supportive:

Whether they’re going through something personal that they don’t want to discuss and go over with you, or they’re hurt about a mistake you made; you have to try and talk to them. Talk to them about it, be calm, listen carefully to what they say, and most importantly show your support.

We are all guilty of ignoring our loved ones sometimes if we’re feeling down, misunderstood, or have a personal issue they can’t help with. When we do, it’s most definitely not because they are not worthy of our time and not because we don’t trust them by telling them what it is that we need help with.

Sometimes we ignore them just because we know for a fact that they wouldn’t know what to say or do to make us feel better so we don’t want to burden them with such a responsibility.

This is why we should insist on trying to help and figuring out what it is they’re dealing with. We should be persistent in our mission to be supportive, even when we’re ignored, pushed away, or told off. In fact, if our loved one is suffering silently then we need to put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand what they’re going through.

We should also try not to hold it against them if they’re too stressed, cranky, aggressive, or rude it’s never personal in this type of situation and it’s just because of the situation they’re in.

3- Clear out any misunderstanding:

People are often too quick to jump to conclusions. They make assumptions without even trying to understand the other person. It is important that you are able to clearly explain yourself and your motives if you have hurt or upset your partner.

Don’t let them think that they don’t matter to you or that they don’t come first. If you are being ignored or served the silent treatment, it may be because they misunderstood something or because they didn’t like something that came from you.

4- Rebuild trust and strengthen your emotional connection:

When someone you love has been ignoring you, it can be a difficult time. You might feel like they don’t care about you anymore and that they are not interested in being with you.

However, it’s important to remember that this is just a phase and that there are ways to rebuild trust and strengthen your emotional connection with them, and have an even nicer love story than what you once had.

Everyone has had moments in their relationships where they feel like they are not being heard. It can be easy and worth it to try to rebuild a connection and restore trust. It is important to know that this feeling is not permanent and you can work through the issue together and come closer.

Here are some ways that you can rebuild trust and love:

– Be patient and give them time. They may be going through a tough time and need space.

– Reach out in non-threatening ways like sending a text or writing a note or letter.

– Ask about their day or tell them about yours and try not to bring up any negative topics.

– Give your partner space if they need it, but always let them know that you are there.

-Talking about the problem with your partner, instead of just ignoring it or bottling it up.

-Being open about your feelings and emotions.

-Setting boundaries for what you need in a relationship.

-Avoid blaming each other.

You can also take a look at our article on what to do if someone you love is pushing you away, as it is very close to this type of situation and context. You can also check this one on how to be there for someone in difficulty, if that’s your partner’s case and if it’s not personal.

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