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How to deal with a mean woman in 6 steps?

How to deal with a mean woman in 6 steps?

Women can be as mean as men in relationships. This is a kind of aggression and it’s not something anyone should accept. Now, there are many different ways you can try to deal with a mean woman. Today, we will walk you through 6 steps that can help you in this situation. 

Being the bigger person is very important if you want to keep things from escalating. Additionally, you have to be honest about how the meanness makes you feel.

Having a mean woman in your life can chip away at your mental health in many ways, so you have to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. 

6 Steps to deal with a mean woman:

1- Determine clear boundaries:

Having clear boundaries in place will come a long way in dealing with a mean woman and handling the situation. When you’re in any type of relationship, both parties need to be clear about what kind of behavior is or is not acceptable.  

Be very clear and concise about what is okay with you. If your partner oversteps your boundaries, there have to be consequences. You need to enforce and defend your boundaries. They exist for a reason, so make sure they understand how important it is to respect them. 

2- Communicate:

If this woman is being particularly mean to you, it could be because she is going through something. Perhaps something is going on she hasn’t told you about or she’s not happy about something in the relationship. Strictly speaking, it’s her responsibility to bring up the issue instead of taking it out on you. 

However, you can start the communication and give her a chance to express herself. Ask her if something is going on to initiate the conversation and see where it goes. Is there something wrong? Is there something she wants to talk about? After that, it’s up to her, to be honest, and open. 

3- Practice patience:

If this is an ongoing issue and she is working on it, it’s important to give her a grace period of time. You have to be patient throughout the process and try to keep your cool. You should have your boundaries set, of course, and be clear about them, but you have to give her some room. 

Now, patience is not easy, but it’s a habit you can foster. We recommend you rely on breathing exercises to keep yourself centered.

Meditation is also a good way to develop your patience. Also, it’s not uncommon to seek professional help, such as couple’s therapy, which will provide you both with useful tools. 

4- Disengage if the conversation is not going anywhere:

If you’re engaged in an argument with a mean woman, it’s important to disengage if the conversation is not going anywhere. If she’s not listening to you and she’s just trying to undermine everything you say just so she can continue to be mean, you have to take a break. 

You don’t have to stay in an argument where you can’t get a word in or where the other person is not willing to give an inch. Ask for a break so you can both cool off and resume the conversation later with a level head. Stop engaging with her and take care of your energy. 

5- Stand up for yourself:

Being assertive and standing up for yourself is important when you’re dealing with a mean woman. You have to do that, otherwise, you’re teaching her she can treat you that way. You don’t have to be aggressive or mean to stand up for yourself, you can do this respectfully and stand your ground. 

Remember, you’ve set boundaries as to what behavior you’re willing to accept. If she is crossing those boundaries, you must stand up for yourself. If you lack the skills to do so, you have to educate yourself and ask for help if necessary. Assertiveness and self-confidence are skills that will help you in all aspects of life. 

6- Get help:

There is so much you can do when it comes to dealing with a mean woman. If nothing you do as friends makes a difference, it means that the issue is something personal. It could be rooted in other issues that no one can handle but herself. 

Now, you can get help together as relatives, friends, or as a couple. If your case is the latter then couple’s counseling or couple’s therapy can play a big role in rebuilding bridges. Working with a professional can do wonders for your relationship and it can even save it. At the very least, you’ll know that you did everything you could. 


Mean women can be very difficult to handle. However, if you love this specific one and you want to make things work, there are things you can do to deal with that.

Ultimately, you both have to make an effort; you can’t be the only one trying to make things better. 

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