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How to deal with a lazy wife in 5 steps?

How to deal with a lazy wife in 5 steps?

Some men’s worst nightmare is a lazy wife. Maybe, your wife doesn’t want to do anything around the house, doesn’t even want to go out, and perhaps she even feels that traveling is pointless.

If your wife is like this and just wants to lay in bed all day, scrolling through her social media feed; then it can set the mood for a very boring and depressing life. It can be heartbreaking, especially if you’re the literal opposite of everything she is, on this level at least.

So if you love your wife but wish you can only change this aspect of her personality then you’re at the right place so read on.

5 Steps to follow if you have a lazy wife:

1- Get her in the habit of doing activities together:

First, try to do something together often, like going for a walk every other day or playing tennis or badminton twice a week as a couple. Maybe start out with activities she likes and enjoys and slowly diversify and include more.

If she likes spending time outside, promise a picnic but make her long for long to get to the spot where you set your things at. Maybe if she likes shopping; take her to the mall or go thrifting. Or, maybe take her on a hike or go for a walk in the park.

Additionally, you can try to make her more engaged and interested by grabbing an ice cream or a hot bite from a street food stand. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it can be something that keeps her busy and keeps her hands and mouth full while she walks. It can easily make the outing more meaningful and fun, rather than leaving the house and driving to a place just to walk and go back home.

2- Reflect on what’s causing her laziness:

Secondly, try to find out what is causing her laziness. Is she depressed? Stressed? Just exhausted from working all week? Once you know what the problem is, you can help her find a solution or even offer a massage to show that you care. When you do little gestures like this, your wife will be more motivated to do nice things for you too; like going out together even if she isn’t feeling it.

So again before you get too upset, take a step back and reflect on what might be causing her laziness. Maybe she is overwhelmed with other responsibilities? Is she feeling underappreciated? Sooner or later you will find an answer! The more you think, the closer you’ll be to finding the real culprit for this. Once you’ve identified the root of the problem, you can start to look for solutions.

Maybe you can even lighten her day by taking on some of her chores. Or perhaps you can show your appreciation more often with more gestures like flowers or compliments. By taking the time to understand her laziness, you can find ways to help her feel more motivated and overcome this difficult period.

3- Be patient and give her time to change her habits:

Also, don’t forget to be patient. It takes time to change habits, so don’t expect her to be up and running right away.

Give her some time and space, and hopefully, she’ll be back to her old self in no time. We’re pretty sure she wasn’t always like this. Otherwise, you would’ve spotted the difference in your characters and how incompatible you are during the dating stage.

Try to motivate her by setting a good example yourself. Be sure to praise her when she does something that shows she is trying to be more active. With time and patience, you can help your wife overcome her laziness.

4- Take her on a trip to her favorite destination:

Another option if your wife is too lazy for your liking, is to take her on a trip to her favorite destination. This can help to rejuvenate her and give her a new sense of purpose. You might not be able to believe your eyes when you see her running around and taking interest in the culture, food, and tourist attractions in her country of choice.

During your trip, you could try to find some new activities that she enjoys and can get involved in. This could be anything from trying water sports if you’re in a hot country to skiing if you go to a cold destination. By doing this, you can help her to feel more motivated and enthusiastic about life. And, she’ll hopefully be the one asking when your next trip together will be.

Through it, all, make sure to show your support and understanding. If there is one day during the entire trip where she doesn’t feel her best and she wants to rest on the hotel bed, for an hour or two, just let her. Let her know that you are there for her and that you will always be willing to help out.

5- Show interest in things you want her to do more:

Just like men are not, women are not mind-readers either. Communicate with your wife and show a lot of interest and enthusiasm; when you talk about specific things you want her to do for you.

You can ask but not before a long intro on how amazing it will be if she did it. When you ask; be very happy, excited, and say “please”. Women are emotional so don’t hesitate to talk about the positive emotions that having her do that thing for you, will make you feel. In other words, talk about how happy and ecstatic you’ll be if she did that specific thing; more often.

For example, if you want to encourage her to cook more often, then talk about how tasty and amazing Thai chicken curry can be with jasmine rice. Show her the recipe on youtube and exaggerate how easy, it must be to make. The bigger your smile the more it will encourage her to make it for you, especially if she loves you.

If she loves you enough, she may start being more romantic and she will eventually catch on and start making more of an effort. It may take some time, but it’s worth a try! Showing her that you are willing to put in the work yourself will go a long way. Try complimenting her when she does something you asked for or you’ve been wanting her to do more of.

Let her know that you appreciate the effort and that it means a lot to you. With a little patience and understanding, you can help your lazy wife become more active and involved in your life.

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