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How to deal with a clingy boyfriend in 4 steps?

How to deal with a clingy boyfriend in 4 steps?

Being in a relationship should be enjoyable, but it can be tough when your partner is clingy. If you’re constantly being bombarded with texts, calls, and invitations to hang out, it can start to feel like you’re never able to have a moment to yourself.

It’s important to understand in this case that you might be dealing with a clingy partner, which is not the worst possible scenario in life still. But let’s just say that you should be well-equipped and informed on how to act in order to keep your significant other and yourself cool, reassured, happy and satisfied.

For this reason, in today’s article, we invite you to check a few steps on how to deal with a clingy boyfriend so that you’re not always conflicted and walking on eggshells.

4 ways to deal with a clingy boyfriend:

1- Confirm whether he’s actually clingy or you just lost interest:

Sometimes, when we stay in a relationship for long and we make no efforts to make it thrilling, exciting, or passionate then things can become boring real fast. And, in this case, we might not want to see that we’re so terrible and lowkey want to leave for no valid reason.

So we start imagining flaws in our partner that we didn’t see or mind before. We start finding them annoying, unintelligent, unattractive, or even repulsive. That’s why before you jump to conclusions here, ask yourself first if your boyfriend is truly clingy or if you’re just nitpicking to find an excuse to eventually leave or bully him.

Keep in mind, that many people do not mind clinginess or being with a partner that’s a little needy with them just as long as they love that person back. Because let’s face it being a little clingy and too affectionate is not the worst flaw ever. People can do worse: there are cheaters and there are possessive and controlling partners out there that are a lot worse than just a clingy loving boyfriend.

So be truthful and honest with yourself at least and admit whether you’re just being mean for a specific set of undisclosed motives or if your boyfriend is actually clingy. In the end, all we can do is help you decide which one it is by recommending that you read this article later on a few signs that confirm that your partner is clingy.

2- Set boundaries, rules, and even a schedule if needed:

The next thing you can do once you confirmed that your boyfriend is indeed the clingy type should be to communicate with him and set some boundaries. Explain that you need some space and alone time, and suggest ways that they can occupy themselves when you’re not together.

It might help to schedule regular phone-free hours or nights so that you can have some time away from them if that’s what you wish for. You can also pick two days a month or more where you both can spend time with your friends or loved ones separately. In fact, you can think carefully and come up with whatever arrangement that you think is fair and very much needed and set it as a rule with the consent of your partner of course!

If your partner is unwilling to respect your needs or compromise and come to an agreement or set boundaries together, then it might be time to put your foot down in the relationship and explain that your boundaries are not negotiable. Clinginess can be suffocating, and it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t create a toxic dynamic or cause your relationship to become unhealthy.

3- Reassure your boyfriend:

It can be tough dealing with a clingy boyfriend. You might feel smothered and like you can’t breathe. However, do you ever wonder why he is the way that he is? it’s important to remember that he might just need a little reassurance.

A sweet word or two can go a long way toward making him feel better. We all need a little reassurance from time to time, to some extent, so what’s the harm if he needs a little more than the average folk? Try to be understanding. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have a reassuring talk with him about how much you care about him and how much he means to you even if you don’t take the time to show it often.

He’ll hopefully listen and back off a bit. Dealing with a clingy boyfriend can be tough, but it’s important to communicate, have empathy, and remember how much his happiness matters to you. In the end, if you really don’t understand his behavior and the motives behind it then try reading this article when you have time on the importance of reassurance in any relationship.

In the end, this might be his way of stating that he’s not getting the reassurance he needs in the relationship. And, if that’s true then who would the person to blame for that be?

4- Get him a gift that will make him feel in your presence when he’s not:

If your boyfriend is a little too clingy for your liking, try getting him a gift that he can wear all the time, like a watch or a piece of jewelry that will remind him of you all the time. This way, he’ll be reminded of you even when you’re not around and he will be made to feel in your presence when you’re not available to physically be with him.

You can go as far as to explain to him how he can kiss the pendant if it’s a necklace or hold it in his hand; whenever he feels like kissing or hugging you during your absence. This will help him feel like you’re included in all aspects of his life even when you’re not physically present.

So, don’t hesitate to use a valued object to attenuate his feelings about wanting to be with you and you will be helping your boyfriend feel more comfortable with giving you some space.

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