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How to date a womanizer & can one ever change?

How to date a womanizer & can one ever change?

Dating a womanizer is a tricky affair. It is not an easy task to get in their head and understand what they want or predict their next move. But it is not impossible too.

It might be hard, draining, and even almost considered self-sabotage to want to be with someone like that and to dedicate yourself to fighting for their attention. So is it even worth it to date a womanizer?

We’ll answer a few common questions about womanizers and we’ll leave it down to you to decide if one could be worth your time!

What is a womanizer?

A womanizer is someone who likes to flirt with women. They are not necessarily interested in being in a relationship, but they enjoy all types of attention coming from the opposite sex.

It is safe to say that a womanizer cannot commit to a relationship or finds it extremely hard to do so. It can also be used as an insult or derogatory term for a man who is not faithful to his partner. The reason why womanizers cannot commit is that they like to keep their options open and date as many women as possible.

A womanizer would be aware of how bad his behavior can be thought of, so he is not always sincere or honest about it. That’s because most women wouldn’t give one the time of the day if they thought he like to entertain other people even while in a relationship.

1- Ladies man definition:

A ladies’ man is someone who is successful with women. They are usually good-looking and have a lot of charm. There are many qualities that make up a ladies’ man, but the most important one is his confidence around women. He knows exactly what to say to make them feel at ease and he doesn’t need to try too hard to impress them.

A ladies man is somebody who has the qualities of a womanizer. This can include confidence, charm, and promiscuity. The term womanizer has a negative connotation to it. However, even though it almost means the same thing “a ladies’ man” seems more acceptable and even almost like a compliment.

2- Can we say a man will change for the woman he wants?

Or in other words: will a womanizer ever change? The short and straight-to-the-point answer is no. Why bet on someone that needs to change and has a bad character or high chances of cheating when we can simply choose to walk away. When you set your standards and do not accept the least, it makes you a lot more valuable.

Check this article out later on why you should never accept the bare minimum when dating or in a relationship. The bottom line is that the more you’re willing to wait for someone to change, the more you will allow them to wrong you and in return, they will see your acceptance of the situation as a green light to continue what they’re doing. It’s a draining vicious cycle and it’s not worth it.

Signs he treats you like an option:

Men who treat their partners as an option don’t care about showing enough respect for the relationship. It is also a sign of disrespect when they are only interested in sharing good times and don’t want to work on problems.

Usually, men that like to keep their options open move extremely fast in relationships. That’s because they understand that they might not have their way before committing, especially with a specific type of strong and demanding woman. So what they do is that they commit for a short amount of time and move very fast in the relationship until they have explored all aspects of it before they quickly jump to the next best thing.

Check this article out on a list of facts about men that move fast in relationships. Or, this one on why relationships that move fast never last anyway and even when both parties had good intentions for one another!

Body language of a womanizer:

The body language of a womanizer is usually very different from that of a regular, respectful man. For example, he will often make eye contact with the woman sitting beside you and he will be trying to fish for attention from others in your presence too. He may throw a joke here and there to the waitress or pay compliments to other women unnecessarily even when they’re only doing their job. This will not be a one-time-off thing but a regular type of behavior.

A womanizer is not always a seemingly disgusting despicable man. Due to their self-confidence and experience in dating, womanizers can be extremely charming and seductive. One might try to be close or invade your personal space and chances are you won’t even mind and may feel flattered by getting his attention. That’s because womanizers don’t give out the impression of being predators or bad in any way. In fact, they look playful, charming, attractive, and confident.

So when one tries to engage in small talk with you or compliment you on something, out of the blue in a public place, you might think it’s nice. That’s because our brains are wired to make us feel that there’s something special about us that people like. Rather than make us doubt how many other people that person approached, in the same way, that day alone.

What is a womanizer’s weakness?

Is it true that when a man truly loves a woman she becomes his weakness? And, does this apply to a womanizer?

The short answer to this question is: even if it was true in some cases and for a specific type of loyal, devoted, and sincere man, it will never apply to womanizers. A womanizer doesn’t see value in committing to one woman alone and even if he developed feelings for one, then submitting to her and treating her right will be like admitting defeat in his own game!

In this case, it is safe to assume that the only real weakness of a womanizer would be his inability to resist temptation. Some men are very good at resisting temptation, even when an attractive woman is making advances they’ll have self-control and decide that they don’t want to deceive their partners.

However, womanizers cannot control themselves. Their weakness is their lack of self-control and the only way to overcome this would be for them not to have any contact with any women. So if you’re looking for signs of a womanizer who’s falling in love with you, be ready to pay the cost that comes with taking such a risk.

A womanizer will always get bored quickly in a relationship. He will soon have his eyes wandering and his hands too, when possible!

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