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How to cut off toxic friends and people forever?

How to cut off toxic friends and people forever?

Toxic people are often considered to be people who have a negative attitude and constantly talk negatively about others. Or it could be people who talk in a toxic way about you too, once you have your back turned. Anyone that makes you suffer or whose presence in your life affects your mental health negatively can be considered a toxic person.

These could be people that are not truly your well-wishers. They’re hypocrites or like to pretend to want what’s good for you when you know for a fact that they don’t. These are people that you may feel obliged to keep in your life because they’re “family” or “friends” for a long time or decades, etc. You should never be obligated to keep a space in your life for people of this type.

3 simple steps to cut toxic friends out of your life:

1) Recognising a snake in the grass:

People who are toxic and negative in your life will make you feel uncomfortable and can affect how you think, act, and feel. Toxic people tend to drain your energy and keep you from accomplishing the things that you want. They might not be the best for your mental health, so it’s important to be aware of what they’re doing.

They are not just the ones who have bad intentions. People with negative character traits might destroy your life without you even realizing it. You need to be aware of the signs if you want to avoid these toxic people and friends.

These people will always create a negative environment and make you feel miserable. The difference between a toxic friend and a true friend is that when you become really friends with somebody, it’s usually a positive experience.

It is so important to have good friends in life as they add positive energy, happiness, and life satisfaction to your life. On the other hand, toxic people or toxic friends can cause immense damage to your self-confidence and happiness levels, but they may not always be easy to spot. Here are some signs that indicate that you might be interacting with one:

– Toxic People:

-Are constantly negative; complain about everything from work to their personal life

-Insinuate that they are better than other people because of how much money they make or how much time and effort they’ve put into being where they are

-May insinuate that you’re lazy, unintelligent, ugly, less ambitious, or deserving of your misery, etc.

-Can come off as self-absorbed and narcissistic; believe that other people owe them something

-Don’t hesitate to make you or other people feel bad about your job, life, career, position in life, etc.

-Mock you or others for any mistakes that they make

– They constantly put you down or criticize you in the presence of others without any provocation

– They use their position or power to control or manipulate others

– They constantly gossip about other people behind their back

– They ignore or hide from your requests or in times where you may need help with something, favor, or anything at all.

2) No contact rule:

Once you recognize the toxic people in your life maybe it is time to decide to cut them out.

After you weigh the pros against the cons of having such a person in your life, make an informed decision about whether they get to stay or leave. Once the decision is made and if it’s to cut them off once and for all then no hesitation should be present and you should start implementing the no-contact rule!

When someone is no longer a friend of yours, it’s important to let go. This means cutting off contact with them, unfollowing their social media accounts, and blocking them on all platforms so they can’t contact you.

The no-contact rule is a good way to cut someone off. It protects your mental health by avoiding possible harm or the risk of being manipulated by someone who has an unhealthy view of you.

3) Don’t let them back into your life:

Toxic people will try their best to break your boundaries by constantly texting or emailing you, stalking you, and trying to get more time with you. Sometimes they might even convince themselves that they are doing this just because they care so much about what’s going on in your life. However, it is your responsibility to find a way to put an end to this and make a decision to cut them off for life.

It may be difficult if they know your address or your social media accounts but hopefully, they get the hint after you give them signs that you’re doing it willingly. If they never do the hint and do more forceful ways of penetrating your life or inserting themselves in your daily routine in extremely crazy ways then a phone call to the police is probably needed!

Hopefully, it doesn’t get to that stage and they just get a bit too clingy at most before they get the memo and understand that you’re tired of their toxicity. Whenever they try to convince you to give them a second chance and let them be in your life again, try and remember what that means for your mental health. Also, try to weigh the pros and cons of having them around to see if it’s even worth it!

Bottom line:

There are many reasons why one might want to cut someone off from their life, like when they have experienced a negative or draining relationship, or if the person has just been too hard to handle. It could even be just a guy you dated or an ex that was once important in your life but that you want to cut off now to make a statement, hurt them or turn the page.

It’s important to be careful in this regard so that you don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. It’s all about not allowing someone else to overpower your happiness and leaving you feeling unstable, unfulfilled, empty, and sad. Always remember that: you’re entitled to choose who to allow in your life.

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