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What to do, if your man is more attractive than you?

What to do, if your man is more attractive than you?

First of all, congratulations on having a hotter hubby or boyfriend! Let’s be honest, not everyone can and some people are definitely jealous of you.

However, having a hotter boyfriend is not all good because some people may love to remind you of it; and they love to make comparisons that can be hurtful. That can be difficult to deal with gracefully and it’s not easy to not let it get to you. 

We all want to be appreciated by people, but the truth is that it’s impossible to be everyone’s cup of tea. If your man is more attractive than you, it can be a tough pill to swallow at first. However, the sooner you adjust your perspective on it, the better!

Just because your boyfriend is hotter doesn’t mean you’re the lesser of the two and you can’t let people make you feel that way. 

To help you get over any silly ideas you may have about this, here are a few ways to cope with having a hotter man than yourself and with the comments that people are bound to make!

Ways to deal with having a more attractive partner:

1- Learn to Take Comments With a Grain of Salt:

Most of the time, people don’t mean to be hurtful when they point out the fact that your boyfriend is hotter than you. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get old for you. One of the best things you can do is learn to take these comments with a grain of salt. 

If people point out that your boyfriend is hotter in a way that’s meant to put you down, remember that says a lot more about them than you. Confident people don’t need to tear others down or make them feel bad.

So, let the comments roll off your back and kill them with kindness and replies like: “You’re right, But I still bagged him somehow. Didn’t I ?”

2- Remember Why He’s With You:

When people are constantly telling you how much hotter your boyfriend is, it’s easy to start having negative thoughts. “Why is he with me?”, “What’s wrong with him?”, “Will he leave me for someone better?”. These are the kinds of questions that can go through your mind and affect not only your self-esteem but also your relationship because it leads to insecurities.

However, you need to remember why you’re together. He shows you how much he loves you every day and he enjoys being with you, so there’s nothing wrong with him or with you.

You like and love each other because you have a connection and looks have very little to do with that. He loves you for who you are and for the unique things that make you so special. Remember that!

3- Don’t Allow Other People to Make You Doubt Your Relationship:

Doubt can destroy a relationship, so don’t let what other people say affect you to the point that you doubt your boyfriend’s feelings. People can say whatever they like about why he’s with you or how you landed such a hot guy, but no one knows your relationship like you do. 

You know why he’s with you, you know why you’re with him and how much you two like and love each other. Nobody knows your story or lived it like you two did. So if they don’t understand it’s forgivable but you should understand very well why and how you two ended up being for one another!

Caring about what other people say is the fastest way to doubt your relationship and that will invite so much unnecessary conflict. Learn to be secure in the relationship and work on your self-confidence. 

4- Remember You Are Worthy:

So many things can happen to us in life that makes us question whether we are worthy of good things. However, you have to work on yourself and always remind yourself that you are worthy and you are enough.

You have a hot and attractive man, but more importantly, you have someone who loves and respects you and you deserve that! The way your partner treats you should be the best feature about them, anyway!

Whenever someone says something about how much hotter your boyfriend is, instead of feeling deflated or bad, try feeling proud of yourself and worthy of being his. Not because he’s handsome, but because he’s the right person for you and that’s just a little bonus!

5- Work on Yourself:

If you’re honest with yourself and you determine that people’s comments about your hot boyfriend bother you because you have neglected yourself, you can always do something to change that. You are beautiful and you need to feed your confidence so you can let that beauty shine through. 

Working on yourself can make a big difference, but you have to make sure you’re doing this for yourself, not for anyone else. Taking better care of yourself and pampering yourself is not about looking better for others, it’s about looking better for yourself. 

So, consider doing a skincare routine if you don’t have one, learn the basics of makeup, take care of your hair, and play around with your style. Find ways to make yourself feel more confident and practice self-love!

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