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How to compliment a guy through text?

How to compliment a guy through text?

At times, it can become really difficult to express your feelings to the guy you like. This is especially true when you want to send him a friendly message that does not sound too creepy or forced but still shows how much you like him and appreciate his presence in your life.

It could be really confusing to find the perfect words that will help you convey what you intend without coming off as creepy or desperate. That is when texting comes in handy because sending him a sweet message to compliment him, might just be the perfect solution.

A simple compliment by text can do wonders if you are looking to make a guy go weak in his knees or get stuck in his head. If you want to know how to compliment a guy through text messages, read on for some helpful tips:

Tips to compliment a guy through text:

1. Tell him that you like his sense of humor:

Many men are known for having a good sense of humor. They use it to gain more confidence when they talk with women they are interested in, for example.

So, you probably already got to know him a little and you got a taste of his sense of humor too. So if you liked it don’t hesitate to tell him so. It doesn’t help acting coy and hard to get when you want to make him know that you enjoy his witty side. If you found something he said funny don’t hold your tongue.

It’s important to be genuine and spontaneous, otherwise, he will think that you are only laughing out of pity. So, the next time he says something funny, be genuine with your reaction and compliment his sense of humor. It will make him feel more comfortable and confident around you knowing that you can easily get his jokes. 

2. Say that you always find your conversations with him interesting:

There’s nothing worse in the initial stages of dating than wanting to have long and meaningful conversations but only receiving short answers or closed questions. You want to create a connection with that person, and over text, that’s only possible if you put in some effort when replying and adding new things.

Guys are known to be highly aware of this and actively try to contribute to the conversation to try to impress you and be memorable to you. Bear in mind that he will only do this if he is really interested in you, which you can take as a clue in how to proceed with the conversation.

On the other hand, he is also expecting some effort from you. The mere fact that you comment on the things he says and contribute with your own stories is already a compliment to him, but you can do more. Find the right moment in the conversation to tell him how much you enjoy talking to him, either because he always has something interesting to say, or simply because you feel that you’re creating a meaningful bond. 

3. If you know his insecurities compliment him on them:

We all have insecurities and when we are interested in someone we certainly want to appear confident and hide everything that we dislike about ourselves. The same thing happens with men. In fact, if you develop a close bond soon enough, you can begin to be more genuine with each other until you are able to relax and open up about your insecurities.

It’s important that, once a guy tells you about his insecurities, you simply accept them and don’t try to convince him that he should feel differently about it. When the appropriate time comes, you can casually point out that you love a certain trait about him or a certain physical attribute that you know he feels insecure about.

This will be a much more meaningful compliment because it will boost his confidence and make him feel better about himself. It’s important that you are genuine, though, so he doesn’t feel like you are only trying to cheer him up.

4. Remind him of the attributes you find most attractive in him:

A genuine compliment that seems to have come out of nowhere can be a great ego stroke. If you are having a relaxed conversation and you are just so at ease talking with him, don’t hesitate in telling him why you are attracted to him.

Even if you already had that conversation he will still appreciate a reminder. If you think that there’s a new side of him that you just discovered now, then you can let him about these new reasons why you like him even more.

It will make him feel special hearing at great lengths why he is so attractive to you. Of course, you don’t only have to compliment his physical appearance. Men also like when people find their personality and sense of humor attractive. 

5. Praise his achievements and support his dreams:

One of the best compliments you could give someone is that you believe in them. You understand what their dreams entail and what their plans to achieve them are and you believe they can do whatever they set their mind to. Besides, if a guy confides in you and shares the goals he wants to achieve in his life with you, you should know that your support is completely welcomed. 

Asking for updates on his journey towards his goals is another way you can show that you are genuinely interested in his life and the things that mean a lot to him. So, every time he achieves something make sure that you send him a text congratulating him and saying that you are proud of him and always believed in him.

This will dissipate any doubts he has about how supportive you can be. He will also know for sure that you are there in all his important moments and you can give great support.

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