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How to beat a woman’s mind games in 5 steps?

How to beat a woman’s mind games in 5 steps?

When it comes to dating, both men and women are known for playing mind games. For many, it’s part of the fun of dating. Some women don’t want to make things too easy for men, especially not if they’ve dated players and suffered with them. It’s a sort of defense mechanism.

If you’re interested in a woman and she’s playing mind games with you, for whatever reason, there’s a way to beat her at her own game and show her you want something real. Today, we will provide 5 steps to help you do that!

5 Steps to beat a woman’s mind games:

1. Identify the kind of mind game she’s playing:

There are many kinds of mind games a woman could play with a man, so the first step is identifying her approach. Some women play mind games focused on seduction, where they want to get you to be all over them while they act like they’re not interested or even oblivious to what they’re doing. This type tends to play hot and cold and shift from a strategy to another depending on how interested and enticed you seem to be.

Other women give try to make the man that they suspect of liking them jealous, to keep him hooked and focused. There’s also the feigning disinterest game that a woman could attempt to keep a man chasing her, and so many more. This is why it’s important to identify the strategy your female crush is using, as early as possible because it will help you determine what to expect and prepare a lot better to disarm her. 

2. Call her out on it:

Being bold will pay off when you’re dealing with a woman who likes to play mind games. Once you figure out what kind of game she’s playing, you can confidently call her out on it and let her know what you think. It’s also a great opportunity to provide reassurance, which may be what she’s needs in order to give you a full chance. 

You’re onto them, so let them know and make it clear you’re not down for taking part in their games. Make it crystal clear that you’re up for having fun, but that you don’t want to be manipulated or led on. They don’t need to string you along you, so clarify that you’re looking for something serious and that they should decide whether to give you a real chance or just drop it all.

In the end, there’s no need to make things more difficult or be rude with your tone. Telling your potential partner what you want can help you move to the next stage of the relationship faster. However, it needs to be done with respect, determination and kindness too. No need to scream or yell at them but at the same time make sure they understand just how serious you are but without coming across as if you’re telling them off. Tell them gently that you can want to be true to each other and see where it leads you. 

3. Confirm that you’re serious about not playing games:

Some women will take confrontation as a challenge. They may think it’s even more fun to continue playing games after you’ve called them out on it. If that’s the case, you need to show them that you’re serious about not playing games. Not to be harsh, but she’s not the only girl in the world. So take your attention back and give her some time and space to decide whether she wants to be serious or continue toying with your emotions.

This will send her a clear message that clarifies that she may lose you altogether if she insists on playing mind games. If she can’t or doesn’t want to approach a relationship without any mind games, you can move on to someone who can or is willing to. Games can be fun and there’s room for that if you’re up to it, but it shouldn’t be a necessary phase when dating someone you could end up having something meaningful with. If all you do is play mind games, how will you truly get to know one another? 

4. Don’t react to her tactics:

The easiest way to beat a woman at her mind games is to not participate in them. She can go above and beyond with her tactics, but if you don’t engage and don’t react, she will realize that you’re having any of it. At that point, she can either walk away or quit playing and just be herself. 

This is why it’s important to learn how to identify a woman’s mind games. Your first interactions with her will tell you a lot about her tactics: Does she try to make you jealous? Does she play hot and cold? Does she send you mixed signals?, etc.

Once you have a good understanding of what she’s doing, it will be easy to show as little reaction as possible and completely ignore her efforts. 

5. Make it clear you have self-respect:

At some point, mind games become quite disrespectful. The things women do to feel like they have the upper hand or they’re above you are not always nice. They can be humiliating and distateful. Some people are too extreme with it and will even push you to the point where you abandon your self-respect or dignity just to prove that you mean business and that you’re serious about them. To beat them at those kinds of mind games, make sure they know that you value self-respect above anything else. 

So make it clear that you think anyone who would try to get you to lose your pride for them is not worth your time. That’s not a very human or empathetic thing to do, and you don’t respect people who go to great lengths to manipulate others to feed their ego. Opening her eyes to this stance will make her drop the games if she cares about a potential relationship with you. 


Whatever the reason may be, women who play mind games can be difficult to get through. Sometimes, people go as far as to play hard to get even when they’re texting and even when you’re only trying to get a hold of thm.

However, following the 5 steps listed in this article can make things easier. If she’s unwilling to move past the mind games, then you’re better off with someone else. 

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