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How to be naturally funny without trying?

How to be naturally funny without trying?

Okay, we’re very sorry to burst your bubble, but we have to! The truth is if you’re not already naturally funny, it’s not going to happen unless you work for it a little. The good news is that with some practice and the right advice (we got you!), you’ll be able to make people believe that you’re naturally funny without trying. 

Making other people laugh is a wonderful thing to do. It makes you seem attractive and allows you to be a positive influence on the world. If you can make the people around you laugh and feel good when they’re with you, you’re golden. 

Now, not everyone is born with a natural ability to be funny. Some people have to secretly work on those skills. However, we’re happy to say it doesn’t take much effort, it just takes a bit of practice. We all have the potential to be funny people, we just have to seek it. 

Today, we will help you with that! We will show you how you can seem effortlessly funny without having to work too hard for it. Exercising your funny bone is not difficult once you know what to do, so let’s get into it. 

5 Tips to Be Naturally Funny Without Trying:

1. Learn to read the room:

Humor is supposed to be effortless. By that we mean you can’t force it into any context. If you want to make people laugh, they have to be willing to get in on the joke. 

So, if the context is not set for a joke, your humor will fall flat and it will make things awkward. That’s why you need to learn to read the room. That will help you determine what kind of humor you should bring to the table. 

For example, sexual or political jokes won’t land well around your nephews and they’re also inappropriate. However, they’ll work great at the bar when you’re having a few drinks with friends. Context is everything!

2. Be Willing to make fun of yourself:

Self-deprecating humor or the ability to laugh at your own mistakes or quirks will make people feel more comfortable around you. If you lower your shields, so will the people around you. That’s the kind of environment where your sense of humor can thrive. 

If you can’t make fun of yourself, it means you’ll always be defensive when people try to joke around with you. There won’t be room for reciprocity or participation, and both things are key to good humor. If you can dish it out but you can’t take it, you’re killing the fun. Throwing jokes back and forth leads to more laughter and better jokes. 

3. Keep an open mind:

The great thing about naturally funny people is that they can make a joke about anything. How? Because they’ve trained themselves to find the fun in everything. That’s why it’s important to keep your mind open! Exercise your creativity by asking yourself: can this be funny? If so, how? 

That’s how you’ll come up with good jokes and, eventually, it will become second nature. That means you’ll be able to do it effortlessly on the spot. It’s not about turning everything into a joke, it’s about learning to see the humor of things as they are. 

4. Have limits:

When it comes to humor, it’s important to have limits depending on your audience. Just because something’s funny to you, doesn’t mean it will be funny to everyone. That’s why you need to learn to tailor your message or delivery to the people you’re with. 

For example, your humor around men is not the same as your humor around women. Your humor around your parents is not the same as your humor around your friends. There are certain limits to what you say and it’s a matter of respect. 

5. Don’t punch down:

There’s a big difference between being funny and being mean to make people laugh at someone’s expense. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make fun of others by punching down and humiliating someone. 

However, that won’t earn you any respect and most people won’t laugh with or bond with a bully. There’s no room for being mean-spirited when it comes to humor. Making people laugh should be positive. 

As mentioned earlier, being funny is about being able to see the humor in things as they are. You can make fun of yourself and other people, sure, but being cruel shouldn’t be added to the equation. 


Developing your charisma and your ability to be funny is not difficult. Practicing these tips will help you a lot! Remember, good humor is not just about charm, it’s also about creativity.

Remember the magic question: “How can I make this funny?” It will allow you to exercise that creativity and create an arsenal of jokes, that will grow more and more in time. If you want to be funny on a first date or to impress your crush, then there might be a slightly different types of tips and rules to follow in that context.

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