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How to connect when in a long-distance relationship?

How to connect when in a long-distance relationship?

So you’re asking how to stay emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship? You probably started to feel that your long-distance partner is slipping out of your hand and decided to spice things up.

If that’s the case then you’re at the right place! In this article and instead of taking the traditional way of naming steps you can follow to stay emotionally connected in your long-distance relationship, we will instead tell you how you can have a legendary long-distance love story.

In case, you didn’t know most long-distance relationships can easily become so intense, and based on strong, unconditional love. Sometimes, even more so than normal or regular relationships that are not long-distance.

That’s why in today’s article we will tell you about the things that can make a long-distance relationship thrive and become the subject of a historical and legendary love story. In fact, your long-distance partner will be so in love with you, if you apply these factors to your relationship. They’d be willing to sacrifice themselves for your love but only if you read this article properly and get the hint!

What makes long-distance relationships so intense?

Long-distance relationships can be romantic, sweet, and enjoyable. In fact, they can often be more intense than normal ones where you can meet your date or partner every single day.

That’s because long-distance relationships have a little bit of imagination involved, which adds a bit of mystery and good sauce. By imagination, we mean that your partner is not next door or in front of your eyes, so you tend to use imagination and mental visualization whenever they talk about something. For instance, if you even ask what they’re wearing, you’ll start picturing them in an even nicer outfit than what they are wearing in real-life and even if they give an accurate description of their outfit.

1- Sometimes, you’re in love with your own imagination:

Our brains tend to blindly position our loved ones as the most attractive, most beautiful, and most charming people alive. When you have a special someone that lives nearby, you see them in person as they are with all their flaws. Also, when you talk about going on a date with them, you go on one the next day without fantasizing about it for weeks and making it a bigger deal in your head than it is.

In a long-distance relationship, it’s not the same! You make everything about them ten times more alluring, attractive and ravishing in your head than it is in real life. Not only that, but when you talk about the future or going on a date, or even simply being with each other, you picture it in your head as a beautifully sweet and romantic legendary event. In other words, because of your anticipation, long wait, and imagination, you make it all so grandiose in your mind.

In fact, even after you go on a date with someone in person, you see that person with all their flaws and share that time with them as it is, with all the little disagreements and ugly sides it could have. On the other hand, a long-distance relationship is only ever built on fantasy, imagination, and good positive expectations that are never challenged by reality and real-life because you don’t meet in real life.

2- The surplus of communication can be a big plus:

We can’t stress this enough: Communication matters a lot in a relationship!

So obviously in a long-distance relationship, all you can do is actually communicate so there’s clearly a big surplus of communication. This makes the relationship very charged emotionally and creates intense emotions.

Because you’re not shy or hesitant to share every thought, worry, opinion, or idea that crosses your mind with your partner, you end up connecting with them strongly. This connection might be emotional and intellectual but it is definitely not a physical one. You might think you already know what they look like and find them attractive enough.

That’s also great, but did you ask yourself if you know how they actually live their life on a daily basis? Do you know little details like whether they chuck a wet towel on top of the bed and wet their mattress after a shower? Do you know whether they wash their hand before every meal, or secretly don’t care? Do you know if they keep the same socks they spent all day in bed? etc.

These might seem silly and stupid details but sometimes they’re more than enough to create a big fight. Unfortunately, long-distance relationships are not ideal especially if you never lived with your partner prior to the relationship turning long-distance or if you started as a long-distance couple from the start. There can be some harsh facts about long-distance relationships that cannot be ignored.

3- They relieve your stress and have no expectations:

When the partners are not living in the same location, it can be easy for them to use one another as stress relief or a little sweet distraction from the real world. That’s because that person is willing to love you, listen to you, support you emotionally, and entertain your imagination and mind but doesn’t have any real-life expectations or demands from you.

In fact, you don’t even need to do something as small as taking a shower and dressing up to be in their company. Reaching out to them and getting everything you need from them comes at no effort but many rewards like making you fantasize and imagine pleasant scenarios of life where you’d be living with them.

This can be very ideal and will never be the case in a real-life relationship. As everyone knows, regular relationships that are not long-distance come with more expectations, duties, and demands on both parties.

4- You can be in love with a perfect illusion you created according to your taste:

Maybe, if we picked up all the partners living in a long-distance relationship today and put them with one another to live together, all the little stories they made up in their heads about each other will come crumbling down. If we suddenly put them under the same roof to live with each other starting tomorrow, chances are it will end in a train wreck before the next week after that.

So are partners in a long-distance relationship even compatible in real-life and are they only in love with the idea they have of one another? Check this article out later on what it means to be in love with the idea of someone rather than their truth.

Bottom line:

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, work on the things listed above and focus on them as these are important factors that can make your love grow stronger and invincible. You can entertain your partner’s imagination but let them add their own touch and visualize things as they please, after all, nobody knows your partner better than they know themselves.

So no matter how much you try to make something good and look nice for them in real life; they will probably do a better job at imagining it rather than seeing it. Because in their mind it will be attractive accordingly to their own standards, preferences, and taste. So you can use this card to your advantage, and keep giving and pulling accordingly to keep them invested and engaged.

However, in the end, we recommend you only proceed with having this type of relationship in exceptional circumstances where you cannot physically meet with one another. Long-distance relationships are eventually all going to lose their magic and thrill, after a couple of years. So if you want to spice things up a little just until you meet in person, it’s great but not more!

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