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How to act if someone you love pushes you away?

How to act if someone you love pushes you away?

Relationships often face challenges that set who you are as individuals and partners. Things aren’t always easy-going or linear, there are ups and downs in every relationship. It’s a part of the human experience and how we deal with these challenges can make or break the relationship. 

What to do when someone you love pushes you away, can be difficult to figure out or guess. It hurts, but you must remain supportive. Additionally, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the warning signs so a temporary hiccup doesn’t drive a serious wedge between you. 

Today, we will discuss what you can do when someone you love pushes you away to prevent a serious, irreparable division. Of course, it’s not only up to you but if you want to make an effort, doing these things will be very helpful.

What to Do When Someone You Love Pushes You Away:

1- Get a Hold of Your Feelings:

When someone you love pushes you away, you will feel very strongly about it. It can make you sad, angry, afraid, or a combination of everything. However, you must get a hold of your feelings before you approach this person about a solution. 

Sometimes, things are not as serious as they seem. Are they being distant? Or are you projecting your fears because you have a history of people pushing you away? Process your emotions, understand them, and then you can approach the subject with your partner for a productive discussion. 

2- Have a Heart-to-Heart:

Once you’ve gotten a hold of your feelings, it’s time to get to the root of the issue with your partner. The best way to do that is to have an honest heart-to-heart. To understand their behavior, you need to get an insight into what’s going on inside their heads. So, create a safe space where you can have an open conversation.

Approach them with understanding and compassion so you can work through this together. Choose an appropriate time and place to make them more comfortable and let them speak freely. Don’t make the conversation about you and your feelings, focus on helping them open up to you. 

3- Give Them Space:

Talking things through and supporting your partner doesn’t always make things easier for them. Sometimes, they need their space to process what they’re going through and work on it on their own. Granted, it’s not easy for you to be pushed away and keep your distance. But if they need space, give it to them. 

It doesn’t mean they love you any less or they’ll no longer be in your life. It just means they’ll be more focused on themselves, for some time. Now, doing this requires you to let go of your insecurities and trust that, when they’re ready, things will go back to normal. You can take this opportunity to work on yourself too!

4- Find empathy and compassion:

Compassion and empathy are very important to cultivate because they’re powerful. They allow you to build deeper bonds with other people and perceive yourself a lot deeper as well. If someone you love pushes you away because they’re going through something, approach them with compassion and empathy. 

It’s not about how hurt it makes you feel that they’re distant, it’s about understanding what they’re going through. The space between you is temporary, so you might as well fill it with love, patience, and understanding. Think about how you’d feel if you needed space or time and the person you love made it difficult for you. Give them the treatment you’d like to receive!

5- Just Be There:

Many people think meaningful relationships are always filled with action, but that’s not always the case. Things ebb and flow, and relationships are not the exception. Sometimes, things are fast-paced and exciting, but other times, things settle down and you need something different from your partner. 

When that time comes, don’t try to fix your partners’ problems for them. Support them, but don’t force yourself on them. Be there, but keep your distance if that’s what they need. Also are you just telling the internet that they’re “someone you love” or are you telling them too? Make sure you verbalise and voice th efact that you will love, support them and be patient during these dark times.

Offer them solidarity, support and give them your love, but allow them to figure things out for themselves. They will reach out when they need to and, in the meantime, you should stay strong for them and be their light in the tunnel. Check out our article for how to be enough for someone, for more details on how to be fully present for them without imposing yourself on them either.


The people we love are as nuanced and complex as we are. That means that they won’t always be able to share all their experiences with us. Sometimes, they have to go through things on their own so they can grow and improve. 

When those things happen, they will challenge your relationship. Depending on how you deal with it together, it can break it or make it stronger than ever. We hope today’s tips can help you accomplish the latter and come out the other end, more confident in your love for one another!

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