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How often does a married man think about his mistress?

How often does a married man think about his mistress?

Let’s set the scene. A married man is happily living his life and playing by society’s rules. He has a family, a home, and a job; all of the things that make him feel secure in life. But what nobody else knows is that sometimes such a man can be too greedy to just content himself with so much!

It’s sad but true, some married men have found ways to enjoy the best of both worlds. By taking on mistresses, these men keep one foot in their marriages whilst having their cake and eating it too. Although these arrangements are kept out of sight, they have been known to cause all kinds of drama when they are found out.

However, we’re not going to discuss the morality of such a topic here today. Instead, we’re going to try and guess just how often a married man thinks about his mistress when he has one. So let’s take a closer look and see how treacherous a married family man can be all in the name of temporary pleasure. In any case, let us keep in mind that these things inevitably come to the light and cause many families to get destroyed in the process.

Why would a married man keep a mistress?

For many confused people, men who engage in extramarital affairs usually do so for three primary reasons: boredom with their marriage, sexual dissatisfaction with their spouse or partner, and emotional needs not being met by their current relationship. However, this is not necessarily true. Often, a husband cheats for no reason other than being lustful or being pushed by his own arrogance and thirst for attention.

Whatever their motives for cheating are, these men will in fact have a list of excuses and justifications for why they’re doing such a shameful thing. But, we’re not ones to get fooled by any of these claims, and neither should you be! That’s why we recommend that if you come across such a man; you never forget that his behavior says more about him than it says about his marriage or spouse.

Another misconception is that one would assume that any man brave enough to commit to marriage would have to be courageous in other aspects of life. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Cowards have found a way to claim marital commitment while still engaging in sneaky and selfish behaviors. Through carefully calculated cowardice, these men are looking for the best of both worlds: the security of marriage and all its benefits with the excitement and novelty that comes from having a mistress. Greedy for pleasure and lacking any sort of moral conviction or principles, these married men are nothing more than traitors to their wives, families, and communities.

How often does a married man think about his mistress?

If you found out that your husband is a cheater or if you caught him red-handed recently, then you have to take immediate action. No need for you to overthink this or live your life wondering whether he’s thinking about his mistress and whether he loves her. No matter what he may claim he feels, he has completely betrayed your trust by breaking his vows. While you may still be holding out hope for a resolution and forgiveness, if you’re going to stay then you’ll have to make sure that this other woman disappears from your marital life. There isn’t space for the both of you to co-exist or to share one man.

Still to answer your question: Yes, a married man probably thinks about his mistress often! This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The man has already crossed the line by keeping a mistress in the first place so thinking about her, or even fantasizing about a life with her instead, isn’t all that hard to imagine. With the right steps and mindset, even if you choose to forgive your partner and give him a second chance, you can still move on serenely with your life without worrying over such silly things.

This is why if you still didn’t take immediate action then you’ll have to set a plan immediately to break free of your partner’s lies once and for all and start focusing on yourself.

Should you forgive your husband after finding out he has/ had a mistress?

It’s important to note that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here; every couple is different and will think about solutions to move forward differently depending on their own unique situation and circumstances. For many though, cheating is a strict dealbreaker, and although we understand and encourage such an approach, we cannot judge people that decide to move past such a thing and stay together nor can we begin to try to understand their reasons.

When it comes to deciding whether to forgive your husband for being unfaithful, you have to take it case by case. If your husband has cheated once then there’s a debate that can start there about his motives and reasons and whether he’ll ever do it again. But, if he has “a whole and entire” mistress, it can be a tough decision.

If you’re ultimately looking for the security of a committed relationship and you still feel love for your husband, there’s no harm in giving him another chance. Depending on the circumstances and the context where everything took place, forgiveness may be the best thing for both of you in the end. Now if he was caught cheating once more after having been “forgiven” from a prior indiscretion, then maybe it’s time to reassess whether this marriage is worth saving at all!


At the end of the day, Being selfish and egocentric enough to keep a mistress is one of the worst things a husband can do. It’s a completely shameful display of self-centeredness where the husband wastes no thought on the feelings of his family and betrays their trust, all while fueling a flame that won’t bring any good long-term outcome.

This type of behavior eats away at relationships and corrodes trust. So anyone that subscribes to this undoubtedly destructive habit likely doesn’t think too highly of loyalty, respect, or even love for that matter.

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