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How do cheaters react when accused? 5 ways!

How do cheaters react when accused? 5 ways!

The reaction of cheaters when they get caught are priceless. Yes, it is a heartbreaking moment and can be fully devastating to get cheated on but let’s focus on the silver lining here: the cheaters’ reactions when caught can be hilarious too.

People who got cheated on can experience a range of emotions such as anger, sadness, and even heartbreak. And the cheater could still not care or show any remorse. In fact, cheaters can have so many different reactions depending on their personality type and other factors. So there’s never a specific reaction that proves that someone has in fact cheated, if they have it when they get accused.

In the end, cheating is a choice that people make and it’s important to understand what it means that they reacted in a specific way after having gotten caught.

It will help to better perceive their intentions, motives and how they feel about it. So why does a cheating person show no remorse, sometimes? Why do they act confused instead, other times and why would they try and turn the blame to the person they cheated on?

5 types of reactions that cheaters:

1) The “sorry, not sorry” type of reaction:

This is the absolute worse type of reaction (and person). If someone not only cheated but carries on after that, with having a bad attitude about it. An attitude that says: ” Yeah, you got played. What you gonna do about it?”, then it can be very provoctive. It’s the type of triggering moment that we hear about in crime documentaries, as a motive for vile and ruthless actions.

It’s unforigiveable and brutal. However, nobody in their right mind does something like this, unless they have a death wish. People usually tend to show a bit of remorse or at least take all the blame, before they discreetly remove themselves from that person’s life or escort themselves to safety.

Anyone who acts so reckless as to not only cheat on their partner but carry on showing no remorse and being rude about it, must not be in their right mind.

Or, they’re a vile and spiteful human which is something their partner would’ve known and accepted about them from the start. In this case, they shouldn’t be so shocked when they learned about their cheating because it should’ve been expected to some extent.

2) Confused and not sorry:

This is a common response to having been caught cheating. Instead of talking about why they did it, apologize, say or do anything to save the day, the cheater seems confused when reacting in this way. They are focused on how they got caught, who betrayed them by telling on them or how their cheating even came to light.

They will be asking a million questions and acting offended rather than acepting that they got caught or exposed. And, that’s because they know how well they worked to cover their tracks and maybe they have cheated many times in the past and it never got exposed before.

The cheater in this case is too busy getting offended about how their partner went behind thei back and uncovered some truths. So, they want to ask questions about how it happened. They won’t accept to be confronted nor answer any of your questions nor admit to the cheating, until you answer their questions first and say exactly how you found out.

That’s because they want to see how sure you are about the fact that the cheating occured. If there’s any missing piece to the puzzle or if you lack evidence, they’ll be ready to turn it all on you and deny it all. So be careful not to say how you found out and what you found out, if you don’t have any certain source or proof.

3) Guilty, regretful and sorry:

This is also a common reaction that cheaters have, when caught or confronted. Rarely though would a cheater be confronted and straight away fall on their knees and apologize. in most cases, they will first ask questions to see how much you know.

Maybe they won’t ask aggressivley like those that adapt the reaction just above. But, they will still ask a few questions, even if they’re calm, regretful and open to confessing the truth. That’s because they might even want to know how long the person has been knowing about it.

This type is more considerate of their partner’s feelings, or as considerate as a cheater can be, and they ask questions to know how much damage they caused up to this point rather than try and deny or cover their tracks.

This reaction is characterized by a display of guilt, remorse, regret, apologizing a lot and trying to fix things, if they get the impression that they can be fixed to some extent. Don’t forget that having this reaction doesn’t mean that the cheater is a good ethical person. Check out this article on what cheating says about the person to find out more about a cheater’s character.

4) “Sorry, but it’s your fault too” reaction:

This is one of the worst type of reaction and it consists of seemingly taking the blame at first and even showing a tiny bit of remorse, before fully starting to blame their partner. Once the cheater sees that you have compassion and believe what they say, they slowly start blaming you too for having cheated on you.

They will mention things like having been lonely or you not having been there for them. They might even say that you didn’t want to do the stuff they asked for, or were reluctant to let them do that one freaky thing.

Don’t get yourself get fooled by this type of person as they prey on people’s insecurities and weaknesses. Having someone so toxic and manipulative in your life won’t lead you anywhere. So choose yourself, refuse to take the blame for anything at all when it comes to them having cheated on you and leave them in the past.

Check out our article on how cheating changes the person that has been cheated on, work on yourself, focus and healing and thrive.

5) “Can I go now?” type of reaction:

This is also a bad type of reaction, where the person pretends like they have no care in the world and like they regret nothing.

Sometimes, people are so dissapointed in their own self and they already know how much they messed up that they can’t even show others their face. Only they won’t admit to any of it, and if they have a big ego then they probably don’t want to cry in front of others, either.

So instead they’ll be putting on a front, and having nothing to say. They’ll just be waiting for you to be done, in order to leave the permises. They’d be very regretful and hurt too, and that on top of the thought of knowing that they have lost you forever (if they ever loved you), will be tearing them apart. But, they know very well that they deserve what they’re getting, so they have nothing to say.

Other times, they’re just too much of a despicable person to want to say anything, to apologize or justify any of it. So they stare at you, until they get a chance and stutter: “Can I go now?”.

This makes it hard to differentiate which one out of these two categories your cheater is. But, in the end, a cheater is a cheater so it is better to kick him or her out of your life, regardless.

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