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Does a woman leave mentally before physically?

Does a woman leave mentally before physically?

It is often said that women leave the relationship mentally before they leave physically. So to what extent is this statement true?

The truth is that women put more effort into trying to make their relationships work before they give up on them or resort to a different unpleasant option. Women usually have a higher tolerance for pain, try to solve problems, and communicate more rather than chucking the entire thing away without giving it a second thought.

Do women leave a relationship mentally before they leave physically?

Women tend to be more emotional compared to men, they also like stability so they’d rather work on what they have and make it work than give up quickly and move to the next best thing. However, when a woman tries extremely hard and does her absolute best but in vain because the relationship is just hopeless, then she might slowly start losing interest.

When a woman loses interest; then her excitement, passion, and enthusiasm slowly die out and that’s what some will call “having left mentally”. This means that she won’t be as invested or engaged in the relationship mentally and emotionally before she physically takes herself out of it.

Signs that a woman is leaving the relationship mentally and emotionally:

So if this rings alarm bells in your ears, and you want to be able to recognize when a woman is just done trying. When you want to be able to see the silence before the storm and recognize what it means, all you have to do is lookout for these signs.

Here are a few signs that will let you know that a woman is leaving a relationship mentally and that she’s about to leave physically too.

1- She doesn’t argue anymore:

A woman is often accused of being cold and distant when she stops engaging in petty and silly arguments. However, a woman who has stopped arguing might just be tired of fighting for something that is not worth it anymore.

She might have come to the realization that no matter what she says and how she says it, nothing is going to change things for the better. So when a woman stops arguing with someone, it might just mean that she has given up or doesn’t care anymore.

Also, it could be because she has been hurt too much, and she learned from experience that arguments in that relationship are pointless and don’t solve a thing.

2- She doesn’t respond to injustice:

When a woman stops getting visibly heartbroken and devastated by a person’s betrayal or injustice against her, it means she doesn’t expect any better from that person anyway.

When her expectations drop so low and she doesn’t think that her partner will do much for her anyway, or hold her in a high position she gets the certainty that her partner is no good. In this case, leaving the relationship is just a question of time for her.

Especially if she’s a strong and brave woman that does not accept the bare minimum for herself in a relationship. Check this article out on how nobody should accept the bare minimum when dating or in a relationship.

Unfortunately, a woman with a victim mentality might not respond to injustice but also stay in it and just make it her new “normal”, which is tragic. If a woman is not responding to injustice, because she’s getting ready to pick herself up and go; it is understandable. However, when she just doesn’t speak up for herself out of choice then it becomes sad.

3- She has lost hope and doesn’t try to communicate:

A woman has clearly lost hope in the relationship if she doesn’t communicate with her partner. She might be scared of how her partner will react or she might be done with it all and over trying to better things.

Either way, when a woman is not communicating with her partner, or when she doesn’t try to fix things with communication for whatever reason, it means that she’s over it. In this case, she is clearly over trying to maintain or build an emotional connection anymore because she just doesn’t care enough.

If a woman reaches this stage then it may be extremely hard to get her engaged again or fix things because she’s simply closed off and not open for communication anymore. So it can be really hard to figure out what is going on in her mind. She may be feeling overwhelmed, or maybe she’s just not in the mood to fix anything in the first place.

4- She doesn’t care about what her partner thinks about her:

If a woman has lost interest in her partner then she won’t even care what they think of her anymore; being a good or bad opinion. The woman herself might not be aware of the fact that she is losing interest in her partner until she catches herself not caring much about something bad that partner says about her or her character.

This is a common case that many women go through in their relationships. What causes it is if the woman consistently feels unappreciated or like she is taken for granted, no matter what she does or how good she is.

So a natural reaction is that she will stop trying to please a partner that won’t ever be pleased with her and she will start not to care about their opinion.

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