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Do men fall in love with the side chick?

Do men fall in love with the side chick?

You could be wondering if men fall in love with the side chick. The obvious answer is no. Taken or unavailable men, that are dishonest and loserish enough to leave the door open for potential affairs, may lust after you, but that’s all.

They may enjoy your company, but they will never love you the way they love the woman they are committed to. They may excuses right and left just to be able to have their cake and eat it; which means staying with their main partner and entertaining other gullible women too.

In the end, the side chick is always going to be second best, so why settle for that? If you want a man who will love you unconditionally, don’t be the other woman. Be the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. If you’re not convinced read more for logical and self-explanatory reasons that prove men usually don’t love the side chick.

5 reasons why men usually do not and will not love the side chick:

1- History proves that they don’t:

Even when men think they do love their side chicks, it could still be not true. In most times, it’s simply an Infatuation brought on by the novelty of the situation. Sooner or later, the shine will wear off, and he’ll be back to his old ways. This happened a million times in similar situations and will keep happening as long as there are women that would believe the lies of unavailable men.

If you’re the side chick, don’t delude yourself into thinking that he’s going to leave his wife or girlfriend for you. Learn from other people’s experiences and from history: in most cases, the side chick ends up being the loser. And, even if she succeeds in getting that man for herself; he does cheat on her sooner or later and she ends up always accepting to share him with others as she first did.

It’s not going to happen. The best thing you can do is move on and find someone who is available and wants the same things as you. There’s no point in wasting your time on someone who’s already taken.

2- They usually don’t have much in common:

One of the main reasons why men don’t fall in love with the side chick is because they usually don’t have much in common. The side chick is often someone who the guy has simply met at a bar or club and hooked up with. There’s no real connection there.

In contrast, the guy’s main partner is usually someone he’s known for a while and has things in common with. The main partner is usually someone who qualifies to meet the guy’s family, friends, and someone he’s proud of. That’s because he didn’t select that partner based on their looks alone or for a quick fling or out of an infatuation.

They may share the same hobbies, interests, and even friends. They lived together and solidated their bond through years of shared memories and common life. As a result, it’s easier for the guy to develop strong feelings for his main partner and find it very hard to let go of them.

So if you’re wondering why an unavailable man doesn’t seem to be falling for you or choosing you over his main partner, it might be because you’ll just end up being a “rough patch” in his marriage or a quick irrational “mistake” in the long run.

3- Their hearts are taken and already committed to someone else:

Another main reason why men don’t fall in love with their side chicks is that they already have a main partner; that they are committed to. They might see the side chick as someone who is fun to hook up with on occasion, but they are not looking for anything serious. Even when they claim to be interested it’s usually just a trick to get the other woman to trust them faster.

Often, the side chick is not even aware of the guy’s main relationship and she is just enjoying the attention and physical intimacy. When a man is not at all interested in his side chick, he usually keeps her at an emotional distance. In this case, he doesn’t want to invest too much time or energy into the relationship. the side chick usually attributes this to him being busy or other silly reasons.

However, it’s about time that women start to realize that a man that is free and single and that actually likes you will make time for you and be willing to involve you a lot in his life. If he doesn’t then it’s probably because that sport is already taken and his heart too!

4- Side chicks’ relationships are not challenging or rewarding:

While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, one of the main reasons why men often don’t love their side chicks is because she usually has nothing more to offer. He’s already getting everything he wants from her; be it physical intimacy, attention, validation, etc. So why commit?

Chasing after the side chick is not half as challenging and rewarding as their courtship with their main partner was. This is why they usually value the main partner more. Men usually know they can have their side chick anytime they want, so there’s no incentive for them to step up their game.

This is especially true because the side chick usually already accepts less than the bare minimum. Even being in a relationship where she’s kept hidden like a dirty secret and mistreated in such a way, is already testament enough to how little it takes to keep her around.

In other words, a side chick doesn’t make any man feel like he has to work for her love and affection. And that’s ultimately why most men end up losing interest in their side chicks. In the end, if you need more convincing that men usually don’t fall in love with the side chick; then read this article on signs that a married man is using you.

5- They cannot focus enough to fall in love:

One reason why men usually don’t love their side chick is that they are not focused enough on the relationship to develop feelings; that’s usually due to being afraid of getting caught by their main chick. They know that if they get caught cheating, they will most likely lose get in big trouble and end up losing both women if not at least one. Most time the one to be kicked out of his life at that stage will be the less important one, which means the side chick.

Men don’t want to risk losing what they have, so they choose to keep their side chick a secret. Additionally, men may not want to get emotionally attached to their side chick because it could make things complicated. If they start to develop feelings for her, it could make it difficult for them to cut her off when the day comes for that difficult choice to be made.

Ultimately, cheating is often about self-preservation and avoiding emotional entanglement, rather than anything else.

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